Saturday, 8 August 2009

ColeMarie Soleil, another great piece.

Well, she's a lady I have blogged often in these pages, dear Reader, and that is no surprise for those who know her.

In my last post for Koinup, OMNIBUS, I wrote "I'd encourage anyone, if I could, to keep on making images of Avatars as Avatars...the fake human ones are OK too...but these ones are almost documenting a new phase in our mental pioneering... we are the pioneers of Virtual Existence, and potentially the Avatarness Researchers."

That was before I had seen the wonderful documentary (my choice of word, altho ColeMarie would agree) by the talented Colemarie Soleil....

Her video is a perfect example of what I meant in my Koinup blog.

Using SL to build a poor duplicate of "real life" is such a complete waste of time compared to the exploration and documentation of this new phase of psychic research.

Look inside yourself, that's where the exciting stuff is happening, and, if you can...make images that record what you see. It gives the visual arts a whole new meaning, they become historical documents.



  1. I really appreciate the feedback Soror. I think that too many people get caught up in using SL to make poor renditions of real life situations and the engine just isn't cut out for that kind of performance. To me, what keeps me here is the ability to document and record things that to me embody the dream-like quality that music has always brought for me. I think that openly talking about the psychological aspect of Secondlife is extremely important. It's too easy to go from "WOW!" to, "Who cares..." I think it is important to care.


  2. well, that's more or less 100% agreement from me...:))