Friday, 28 August 2009

Facebook Fatigue I know I could sound like a boring fool....but that has never stopped me before.

Facebook... I am getting a bit bored with all the Sheep and Cows, Mafia Wars, Fun Toys, Roses...and other associated virtual garbage I get sent on an hourly basis and that has to be waded thro to get at any real news of friends...and I mean friends...not FRIENDS ( the 64 people who I have for some strange reason decided to be FRIENDS with...most of whom I have NO idea who are).....who rightly should be called "potential contacts".

These potential contacts may have more time on line than I do to send these dodgy images of 2D gifts, and I understand that it is amusing and getting a sheep made me smile the first time...but...
I am now drowning as some of these potential contacts use Facebook as a mass networking/spamming medium and WHY anyone in their right minds calls this Social Networking is totally beyond me. There seems absolutely nothing social about it at all, and does Networking = spamming???

...and, really, who has 600 real friends???.......not me obviously...:))

I guess I'm tired and grouchy but.... thats never stopped me...


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