Friday, 5 June 2009

tittle tattle

yes...just bits and bobs

A friend wrote a rant to me about Blue Mars... elitist as I expected it might be....seems like no Macs get online [unable to confirm as yet] the person was trying to register as a developer...but ran into problems with having a Mac. If this is true...then this decision may have been made, as my friend suggested, by someone with "s**t for brains".

Talking of brains...I love the brains that put this together.....Big Game Hunting as detailed in NPIRL blog. Wonderful. Giant squid in the clouds.

and talking of squid.... Adult content fiasco reaches new low. JIRA had gone to 4418 votes, which...(cos its a bit of a nightmare to navigate?) ... is a huge number of people to vote on a JIRA....well...its been closed..:)) democracy is an uncomfortable thing.

and talking of democracy, our Prime Minister (who no-one voted for), has been taught how to smile. He now doesn't look as glum as he did....he looks like a serial killer instead...very spookie. Seems like he may go out before UK peeps have a chance to vote him out...ahhh the joys of the "Free World".... Democracy...hmmmm. Well, I'm sure they'll find someone else to rob us in his place.

This little blog has sailed past its 10k mark which, to be honest, is astounding... but I get translated into all sorts of languages... welcome all non-english speakers where ever you are... it warms my heart.

and.......on the gossip love affair with Plaster of Paris has been rekindled.... expect off-spring...:))) still secret tho...don't tell anyone.... .. eek...gotta start preparing my lecture for Wednesday......details will follow, assuming the French Open finishes on Sunday as it should. (very glad to see the last of Dementieva's terrible dress... I mean...I hate pastel shades, as you may have guessed....but pale lilac is the worst, I think).



  1. Yes, blue mars is windows-only. Actually they even talk about Vista only (allthough I heard it might still work with XP). They use the cryengine2 renderers which are only available for the windows platform. And yes, developer are restricted and kinda controlled over there, so it's far from anything like SL.

    Locking out the Mac community is the usual crap and arrogance we got used to from the gaming companies.

  2. I find it so hard to believe when you consider how many of the design community use is just so incredibly short sighted... oh well...long live linden labs...:))