Friday, 26 June 2009

The Little Prince vs. The King

Second Lifers, maybe more than many others, should have some idea of just how complex the human psyche is. Avatars, Alts and Humans all displaying different nuances of the same being. No surprise then when the personna (your job, status,standing in the world) is at odds other parts of the psyche.

Michael Jackson had, probably, very bad luck finding fame and fortune at such a young age. This exaltation of the personna to King status is surely a tricky situation for anyone to handle, most of Jung's clients were rich and famous, successful people who had lost some part of themselves when the personna dominated and stifled the psyche.

This doesn't explain why some find the loss of innocence so difficult to handle. Many people lose their childhoods and don't necessarily spend their whole lives trying to re-find it. We are all thrown out of Paradise and have to cope. The combination of his Peter Pan complex and this extreme fame, however, made it impossible for him to accept.

The world is always poorer when someone dies and our own mortality rears its threatening head, but we can also thank the gods that we have been entertained, enriched and enlightened by great artists and sponsors (MJ sponsored some great video artists, musicians etc) and enjoy their contribution to our culture.

Seen in this way MJ was a great cultural icon, his anger and sorrow at the state of the world was funnelled into a massively creative body of work.

His creativity even extending to his face and colour in a way that avatars understand..... altho the RL success of this particular venture is questionable.

One of my very favourite sayings is Bhudda's Diamond Sutra "goodness is just another name" ......these words could just as easily be paraphrased......"it don't matter if you're black or white."

I wrote recently..." I am totally disinterested in whether the artist is a fascist mass-murderer or saint." and I stand by that.

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