Thursday, 18 June 2009

SL6B.... nearly there....

Well, having thrown all my toys out of my pram, I knuckled down and played by the stupid "narrative" rules. My build is mediocre and probably not worth a visit unless I get inspired.

Seems to me tho that "presence" (according to Frank Biocca) is not really dependant only on surroundings (if it was, LL could do with providing a better terrain something that resembled rock, for example.).

"Presence" is what most of the rest of the world call that feeling of "being there" (immersive is a term used in SL mainly, from what I have seen)....and, as a book can be immersive, and as not one single sim in SL is NOT immersive, its one of those misuses of words that annoys me no end. Like narrative not meaning "having a story"...eeek. It reminds me of Newspeak... the Ministry of Peace being the War Department.

Hype and Spin are really just lies. Well, thats how I was brought up, anyway.

Anyway, having thrown a paddy and apologised to Toxic for criticising his English (seems like he was not proposing an engagement between my build and my visitors) I have built some glass panels, and taking Barney's advice ( built a broken bio-dome (still a waste of prims I think)....

Still really its my fault cos to box in a bit of landscape is weird, and as I'm principally a landscape artist, I should have just said no.... oh live and learn.

Otherwise, I'm still grappling with plaster in RL, and filler and ceramic clay...I'm building my first RL soror Nishi tree ... it'll take ages, but it's fun, (and small)... will post photo when I get that far.

...and I finished my 79th ancient...its called Asteroid Indigenous Flora, it was built partly because Alexander needed another tree to go with the Chemistree and the Steam funk Tree to make a trio for his land, and..... cos it fits in with SL6B I planted it there.......but its a bit sqeezed in on that small if you want to go see its in Moldorf where it has some room to breathe...


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