Thursday, 11 June 2009


Hmmm.. well.. I am not really very qualified or educated in the current terminology and theory of art to make any extremely salient comments on art as it is presently "understood", but.... (hehhehee).... I tend to state my case even when my views are as welcome as a mole on a golf green.

I saw a piece of art last night (and hope that the maker does not mind me singling out this experience for purposes of illumination, if he does...tough) and it was a piece I may have enjoyed if it had been in RL, it was made of lead and feathers and butterflies.... I MIGHT have enjoyed the MATERIAL nature of the piece..... I thought it rather corny.

The thing is that in SL there are, as far as I can see...only.... Texture, Shape, Script and Composition.

If one or two of these elements are outstanding, I will enjoy the piece, and gain something from the experience.

If the only thing the piece has going for it is "concept"...i.e. some half-baked pseudo-philosophical bullshit.....I will get really irritated.

There is nothing wrong with PRETTY.

My eyes should be able to enjoy the experience and my mind take enough for its own amusement....(without an "explanation").

I have no interest in questions like "and what do you think the artist was thinking ......?" any more than I am interested in what colour shirt the artist was wearing.. when he/she made the piece. I am totally disinterested in whether the artist is a fascist mass-murderer or saint.

It is surely the Product we are (re)viewing. In RL it would be materials, technique, composition, that please me or otherwise, but these criteria are, I would suggest slightly different in SL, as I have said .....being...Texture, Shape, Script and Composition.

Context... I also believe to be important...i.e. I am viewing this in SL...does the piece take advantage of this or is it simply a piece based on RL criteria?

No "concept" (which is normally quite stereotypical and superficially philosophical, i.e. no real understanding) is gonna make me forgive poor texture, boring shaped, unscripted pretension.

Ugly is ugly as I have said before, and "clever" ugly is still not something I wanna spend my time with....dumb ugly makes me fume.