Saturday, 6 June 2009

Bad Bots.

It was in November last, dear reader, that i first bought up the bot question... and mentioned it a couple of times over the past 7 months..... now it seems that LL have finally got round to making a decision..

This is from their blog (the Linden's, not the bot's), six months (more) later....

"Almost everyone agrees that using Bots to manipulate traffic (and therefore Search rankings) is unfair. Not only with respect to Search itself but also due to the load on Mainland Region resources and how that can impact other Residents in the area.

Therefore we are setting policy that attempting to gain an unfair Search advantage, by the use of Bots to inflate the Traffic for a parcel, will be considered a violation. This policy applies to both Mainland and Private Estates as both are represented in Search."

YAY!! good.... not a speedy reaction....but a good one.

boo bad bots bugger off...


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