Saturday, 6 June 2009

Alizarin's new build

Well, this is definitely one to see....I had a sneeek preview a while back and I just loved it.

You can get full details here which is Aliz's blog...or just IM her or me for an LM. It opens properly today, Sunday. Go!!

I'm not even gonna post photos cos its one of those large builds that you have to enjoy from the inside, as with her previous stuff.

I really have a problem with the word immersive... I used to have an immersion heater, and it reminds me of that. Also..... everything is immersive if you are in the right frame of's called "presence" and that describes it far better than immersive, after all a book can be immersive. (I hear people screaming at the computer screen??? I know....I just get a bit screwed up by people misusing language and inventing new meanings for words, just because they have a thesis to write or product to sell..... although my problems with "narrative" are genuine, my problem with "immersive" is just me being stroppy. I screamed at the TV yesterday...:)))....a stupid advert said..."Suzuki....A Way of Life"....and of course, its not, its a motorbike...:)))

Oh and while I'm talking about adverts on TV I think I may start selling car insurance, everyone else is.... business idea.... a website for comparing the comparison site sites called "Compare the Comparers.Com".... lol...I'm too bored to continue....:)) may start selling electricity too...seems like everyone else is, along with the car insurance.... Nishi Car Insurance, (with free electricity), save, save, save....yawn, yawn.

Will be watching Swiss man beating Swedish man with a small yellow ball tomorrow, or, of course, the other way round, and playing with Plaster of Paris.


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