Saturday, 20 June 2009

Goats in the machine, or pizza....

Hmmm, well, i was in the middle of selling some stuff when I got thrown out along with 50,000 other people, wow, LL sure knows how to treat its customers....and couldn't get back in, it's no wonder I'm a bit pissed with LL at the moment...still I guess it's loads better than it used to be, in the good old days.

Got in eventually, sent, bald, to the Grey Party as my region was as available as a Utility Company call line (on hold).
Korea, well, why not, never been here before.....south korea hopefully....

After all, LL bombed, so I shouldn't need to be....?

Not really much point tho when you can't tp anywhere, or find your hair...(In the good old days you knew exactly where your hair was...:))))

So while I was waiting there...this came up on chat....
[15:38] Mommy-to-be Hallie Torricelli: 's baby is due in: 35 week(s) 6 day(s) 6 hour(s) 43 minute(s)
and, I'm sorry to say, I find it all rather sick. I know people have children in their invents etc, but I can't help thinking its just sad.
It seems to me there's enough people in RL who have children for the wrong reasons, (like status and to complete the "happy life" picture) I just don't feel good about it even tho I know it's a free's like an Object... doesn't feel right.

Went round to see Aliz's new commission build last night and, standing under 4 meters of water, the word immersed was appropriate for once.....:))))

Well up to her high standards. an early night as everyone was still offline, figured I might as well....


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