Tuesday, 30 June 2009


I have a good friend (Bill Ellis) who did a great image on a T-shirt showing a chair turned upside down.

Under, it read, "Guilty Of Art", which was a slogan I used in conversation with him at a time when we founded Pullit, an art collective in the early 90's, (subsequently closed by the authorities.)

This came to mind reading Botgirl's blog where she brings up this question of protection of children, far more clearly than I ever could, (no surprise there).

I was taught at college that the politics of power normally goes, broadly (understanding that there are all shades of grey between black and white), that the Right Wing is fearful of the Mob while the Left Wing is fearful of the Individual. Following on from this it is necessary for governments (and here I include LL in this grouping as they are a governing body) to curb the power of Individuals and Mobs as much as they can.

Protection of children and "homeland security" are just two very good excuses used for curbing of civil liberties, as to disagree with these lofty principles would be like siding with paedophiles and terrorists.

Now the reason I mentioned Bill Ellis' T-shirt is because there is something innately anarchistic about art, artists, designers,... in fact the whole creative process.

Mob and Individual are what built SL and the Internet. Neither was created by respecting traditional values, they are in essence revolutionary.

Revolutionary Councils, when they take power, have as their main aim... to stop further revolution, thus becoming Institutional Hypocrites.

But when those in power, whether it be the Australian government or our own LL government, try to control the uncontrollable there are only two outcomes.... one is that they fail, and the other is that they fail.

The creative anarchy of the human condition is revolutionary and irrepressible.

If LL stifles SL in its feeble attempts to control ("clean up"..."protect children"....etc) it will merely be sponsoring OpenSim. If the Australian government thinks it can censor the Internet.....hahahaha.........fools.

We are all Guilty of Art, and proud of it, it's in the genome.


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