Tuesday, 16 June 2009

SL6B stupidity

Now, I am very aware that I could be accused of always complaining...:)).... but

I applied to LL to get a spot at SL6B, even tho I had been thoroughly underwealmed but what I managed to see last year partly due to the lag, partly due to the art ghetto nature of it all.

I thought it would be good to get my stuff out and about.... and, even tho I knew landscaping without megas would be tricky...I went for it.

I got a plot, 2048 m2...not bad.....400+ prims...(a bit mean, I thought, I had 750 at LandExpo)... still...I got on with my job.

My plot and my application were called/are called...Flora Virtua Exotica. I got on with it and only managed to offend one Important Person in the first 5 minutes of being there... (I simply asked in chat what the story was with the ugly, out-of-focus terrain texture.....lol..... in actual fact...it is worth going just to see this tex)..

so, today I got this notecard...

"Hi all .. to paraphrase the welcome newsletter:

800 Light Years away we are spiraling through outer space on a Meteor disovered by Space Explorer Ghorman Dallier in 2499 while searching for new worlds to inhabit! Although we're too far away from the sun to see it and any flora has to be kept in an AEC (Artificial Environment Chamber.) we still know how to throw a party!

This means that woodlands settings and overt garden environments must be housed. As you can see, dotted around the SL6B sims are various types of biodomes and housing for plants and vegetation.

We really want visitors to be able to enjoy an immersive experience, so we'd like everyone to adhere to this policy.

While we don't we don't want to have to become the garden police, we will be asking you to add this theming to your exhibit if you don't already have it.

We have a great looking SL6B so far, and these finishing touches will bring the immersive nature of The Rock to life and will engage visitors to your exhibits.

Thanks for understanding and for building us such a great set of exhibits!


The SL6B Team"

Hmmmm.... well... try building a bio-dome with no Megas and only 400 prims.....what is a girl to do? Immersive, narrative (or not, maybe Concept?)... I actually most felt like screaming. I am amazed at this and so totally frustrated at the sheer stupidity of it all.....

oh, well...I did try............SL6B is maybe not such a good idea after all.


PS..." engage visitors to your exhibits" is pretty weird english


  1. What the...!!!
    I got given a 512 (102 prim) plot late on Monday for a nature/plant show called propelling nature, it's going to be more than a little difficult squeezing it all into a dome or housing. Still waiting to get added to the group to see the plot though....

  2. How about a broken bio-dome and your plants are just mutated to survive in vacuum? Some sculpted shards of the bio-dome would be enough and the plants just grow out of it ...

  3. yes, and the invisible force field of course is still intact..... lol