Sunday, 24 May 2009

Texture Lexture at Angelgate.

This is the test pattern by Robin Sojourner, I believe, but I'm not good with names...:))

Yes, I will be holding a talk at Angelgate... here.... on the Blue Floor

at Noon, SLT, on Monday 25th May....(tomorrow)

I hope to be talking about the following..... (press release)

"I will be talking about textures for scuplties and hand made textures in general. and plan on covering all (or most) of the following points.

My personal feelings about the limitations of photographic textures.

Optimising loading times and when to use larger textures.

Fitting textures on sculpties,

Using a sculptie map to plan your hand-made texture.

Using the Test Pattern to locate points on the texture for accentuating.

Stretchy Texures.textures can be designed to stretch easily if you are uncertain of the "fit".

Colour in SL, its limitations and strong sides.

"Bumpiness", and 3D surface treatment. How to improve the 3D look of your textures, and when to use "bumpiness'.

Applying 'multiple textures' to a prim.

This is a practical talk based mainly on my own personal experiences, i.e. tips and tricks.....

I will also show some recent textures and how they were developed as examples of these techniques.

This would probably need the audience to be fairly well aquainted ("intermediate") with Photoshop, Gimp or some other painting programme."....message ends...:))

anyway....if you have been an avid reader of this blog then you may already have read a lot of the stuff that I plan on saying in my previous posts, and may not want to have to hear about stuff you already know.

textures in second life workshop 2, textures in second life workshop 3, textures in second life workshop 4
(the first one was pretty crap...:))

If you can't make the talk and need the notes, I'm sure White Lebed or I will be able to supply them afterwards.


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