Sunday, 3 May 2009

Sunday, sunday

Yes, one of those very sunday-like sundays.... I went to the Show and Tell with the Builder's Brewery folks, and showed them my Steam Funk Tree. There is a vote at the end and I won third prize..... I voted for the tapir ridden by its creator, Bloodsong Termagant (who won first prize...well deserved.)

I went to catch the end of Aliz's new show, Wizzy bought a piece, which is great. Aliz has done these amazing pieces with music and visuals...well...Flivelwitzelsnitsel..... (why?? he could have called himself Fred???) has done the music..... and Aliz has done the moving images. Its at her gallery In Huntsman.... find it in Alizarin Goldflake's profile picks. (or IM me)...

Then I caught up on some blogs...a good haul this weekend..... Bryns very funny video... which I loved, .....Pixis new flower is a stunner..... and Botgirl touches on an interesting point about communication..
I hope to follow up with a bit more on this soon....just as soon as I get my self organised enough.

I started on a new Pine tree, although it is still early days, I am hoping to do something slightly different with the textures on this one.....and sold a Chemist's Tree to Alex, he is getting a quite extensive collection of my work together.... luckily for me..:)) thx....



  1. wicked stuff hunny,good for you xxx
    its all go innit !