Thursday, 14 May 2009

lots of stuff

Petlove Petshops flowering maypole at Raglan Shires Art Fair.

I hate this screen when it gets wasn't a good in LL hard drive again

Puma, (unnapuma Nakamori for short...:)) has put out some of her jewellery/accessories for sale on my so go take a look

This is Aliz and I not showing or telling at Builders Brewery Show and Tell

But, altho I hate kitchens, this was cute...

And i really loved this Cat by Lovimae Undercroft also at Raglan Shire.... if I only had somewhere to put it, I would buy one.... at 500L$ it seems a snip...but it is 100 prims.



  1. Well, even though the builders brewery are one of the biggest groups joining our little event, it is not a builders brewery show and tell, but the Lummerland show and tell ;)

    Actually we are one of the oldest still-running events on the grid I believe - it's something between 4 and 5 years old by now (before Flo and I did take over in 2006, it was run for 1.5 years by Zonax Delorean).

  2. Ahhh...thanks for the correction, I am a crap reporter really....but then... hey.... always something new to learn...:)))