Saturday, 23 May 2009

Glyph Graves at IBM, and Gary Kohime

Hmmm....I love this stuff underwater, it seems so 'at home' here, this is Glyphs stuff at IBM.....

and this is like playing with light....excellent

I like the scale of these, kinda pre-historic, but the Not Very Poetically Named "pod plant3Silican-T2" (Glyph, really!!...) is a real treat.... just be patient it's on a slow biological clock...:))

Gary Kohime has a new build..... The Theory of Everything and Nothing (probably got the name wrong, will check it's far too late now to be blogging...) ..... which is well worth a's to be found here at Trinity Falls... v cool....but only up for a week I catch it..



  1. Hey soror thanks, err yeah my naming can be a bit eclectic at times. Oh and Id like to remind people that the main part of the exhibition is reached by touching the pink crystal on the water. The swamp at the bottom is just atmosphere :).

  2. ooo...I will have to visit again...I'm not very good at this 'searching out hidden bits' stuff....:)))