Monday, 12 January 2009

Textures in Second Life......Workshop 4

Well, I thought I would share another little observation with you concerning colours of textures in Second life
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This one is about orange, the colour orange.

Anyone who has had stuff uploaded onto the net, in whatever form, be it for printing purposes or whatever will know that the colours available are sadly lacking compared to the original escape, often because the loss has happened between the object and the camera. Lime green and bright pinks were my earliest frustrations, but orange is my big obsession at the moment.

If you look at the colour palette above, that well known SL option.... you will see how the yellow, orange range is compressed using RGB, compared to the natural spectrum we are used to working with.

soooo....trying for a better orange than we are normally given, I have used this work-around. Using a pure red....note the figures in the top corner of the, 0 blue, 0 green....

I place infront of this a pure yellow prim.....255 red (should be).....255 green (should be)....0 blue

Then, reducing the transparency on the front prim by 50%....a better orange, i think is achieved.......if you then make the back prim fullbright......well... I would be interested to hear what you think...:))

This is more akin to using prims as stained glass, and letting the light shine thro them.

More than 50% of your colour choices are in the green/cyan/blue range as the spectrum is weighted that way. This is another reason why the browns are so poor in SL, and, in my mind, a good reason to avoid them.


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