Sunday, 10 May 2009

Sunday stuff

Pixi has built her shed in SL and i popped over to see her new bot-bellied stove... v cool. Like all these things, unless you are AM Radio, you have to stop somewhere on the detailing cos of the prim count....tho...I may go mad one day and do a multi hundred prim tree, just for the hell of it.

Well, Sunday is one of those days when I get to catch up a bit on what other people have been writing about in their blogs and here's a few things I have seen.

NPIRL, Bettina has drawn my attention to Frank Biocca this is not light entertainment..its a 'paper' and I would need to read it a couple of times to get the full gist of everything he's saying, but like all these sort of deep thoughtful pieces they get me thinking and, cos of how my brain works, it takes a while for stuff to hatch properly.
It's worth a read tho, it's about us, people with virtual lives (on top of 'real' ones) and how we experience where we are....its called "presence"... like we are present at the computer and present in SL, and apparently, a third place is in our theres three types of 'location'.

He talks about how we are extending our body/world interface and using the machine to do stuff we used to use our bodies to do.....this is kinda catchy....
"The cyborg's dilemma: The more natural the interface the more "human" it is, the more it adapts to the human body and mind. The more the interface adapts to the human body and mind, the more the body and mind adapts to the non-human interface. Therefore, the more natural the interface, the more we become "unnatural," the more we become cyborgs." (Frank Biocca)

On the subject of paranoia tho I am a bit less sympathetic, cos I think Landsend Korobase is making too much of a big thing about it...after all, in a world where you can write (and looove this about SL) "Would you like to be my friend"....surely its just as easy to ask...."are you pissed off with me?"... so...wheres the need for drama??

Then I also saw in passing some stuff by ACHARIYA REZAK on working on photos in photoshop..and tho I haven't yet had time to try it out, I thought it could well be useful for some of our budding photographers. It's always nice to see people passing on skills, I think.

In local news, I have a tree at Raglan Shire, they are doing their Art Walk this weekend...and that'll be worth a visit especially if you have a tiny avi as there will be clothes that fit for sale and some other tiny stuff....also my Nishi Taglatelle sports coupe is there as a freebie (mod/copy) in the woods for all and sundry.

I went to Quadrapop Tree Gallery last night for a reopening.... its on Dragonfly Dreams sim... Alizarin Goldflake, Sunn Thunders, Glyph Graves and many others have work showing there......

And....Alizarin Goldflake has a blog now too.... so....worth following if you are a fan like me.

Meanwhile the discussions continue on the mess this new Adult thingy is gonna cause, and apparently the new viewer has bugs....and design nothing new there then. I have not been tempted to download it.

In my workshop the latest tree is nearing completion and this is one of those that I have had to texture several times to get it right...and I may redo it all again before its released....I don't know if it's me getting more fussy, or my standards have increased.... maybe a bit of'll be a biggy, over 100 prims and I like it so far......

Have a nice chilled day dear reader...xxxxx



  1. sororNishi, you should read my post again then, because you're not actually disagreeing with me. My point was that we should care enough to reassure people when they at times seemingly over-react to the things we do. In fact, if people followed my advice there would be *less* drama on the grid, not more. Read my reply to Doubledown in the comments of the post for elaboration on the point.

  2. I am really enjoying your blog, Ms. Soror. Puts me in a good mood and informs and gets me thinking. That's 3 out of 3. Thank you for it.

  3. Landsend, thanks, aggreed there is no basic disaggreement...:))
    I have read your reply to DD which wasn't posted when I replied. I don't really agree with the comment "The problem with virtual worlds is that they lend themselves to paranoia " tho, I think this is inaccurate.

    We project our RL personalities onto our SL lives, obviously, and our trust/faith or lack of it (paranoia) has absolutely nothing to do with the medium, (in my opinion).

    The root, I think, of all paranoia is the "black hole" that is the other person, and our inability to control. I would see the world as totally beyond any form of (my) control and am therefore very relaxed about unexplained absences or silences.

  4. Ms Tizzy, thank you, a much valued comment..:))