Thursday, 28 May 2009

Land Expo 09

Well, I have a little plot, sqeezed in between a grey building, a grey garden and a grey Mall.... so..perfect backdrops to my little build...
Its 750 prims, rather than the 1000 I was lead to believe, but I have some low prim stuff...:))

The following is a quote from LL wiki.....I don't really know what a wiki is .... looks like a web page to me...

"In Second Life, land is what gives your content presence, boundaries, and a sense of permanence. In the last six years, Second Life's land mass has gone from 11 regions up to (at last count) 27483 total regions. Reminiscent of the unwieldy wild west in the United States 1800s and around the world in times of frontier exploration, some have found settling on land in Second Life to mean great opportunity and a means to enhance business, community, and collaboration in innovative ways.
To support the growth of innovative uses of land, to share best practices in virtual land management and development, and to support flourishing land businesses in Second Life, Linden Lab is proud to announce the first inaugural Land Expo!"

Well...I'm not sure how much good stuff is gonna be there...I will keep you all informed.


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