Saturday, 2 May 2009

AngelGate , AG3

I went over to Angelgate, scene of last months Primavera, so well curated by White Lebed to check out the new shows she has opening.

On the green floor Special Jewell has some photos of Second Life scenes on show, and, as you may know I am not a great fan of this type of work normally, although some of them showed a nice composition and colour sense.

My main problem with it is that as most of the textures are photographic, we end up with photographs of photographs ...which is why I haven't taken a photograph of the would be just too much, although the surreal possibilities have yet to be explored...e.g. if I had done so....then maybe I could have photographed my blog pages and hung them in a gallery in SL....:))

On the violet floor, however, is a show that I am a bit more supportive of, as the artist, Hephaistos Semyorka, (don't you love these simple names) is a Jung fan and her talk was quite interesting.

Her collages (yet another art form I am a bit negatively inclined towards) of gods and goddesses and general mythological entities is "right up my street". She has used this art form in the same way that some people doodle, and for her, as a type of Active Imagination (a technique suggested by Jung to enhance/develop images from dreams or fantasies) to try to get a bit nearer to the Archetypes.

They are worth a bit of time just staring at, and, for the more intellectually inclined theres lots of words written alongside.

So...of course.... I got to thinking a bit about Archetypes and stereotypes. As a comedian once pointed out...the Jesus who looks like a member of the BeeGees inside your head is nothing to do with a short sun-tanned guy who may have lived 2000 years ago. He would have, in fact, looked more like Danny deVito.

Danny deVito could never be the saviour of mankind....such is the power of the stereotype... :)) a six foot tall blonde BeeGee could....such is the power of the Archetype...:))

Well....that last sentence doesn't really make sense, its a bit too Oscar Wilde for that.

but hey....the show is worth a visit..



  1. Hey, Soror, thank you for coming to the openings. It was nice to see you again :)
    Despite its simplicity, SL snapshot button can be a very powerful art tool. Yes, as you said, technically they are just photographs of textures. However, well executed, they have potential to be very original, creative, bold, conceptually rich art objects. Simple art tools can be very empowering.
    I firmly believe in encouraging and supporting this art form. It will get there ;)

  2. I totally agree, White, and like all my comments and opinions they are a totally personal view point rather than any overall indisputable truth...
    Art and its appreciation will hopefully always be a totally personal thing, and if I hated truly hated these photos I would not even have mentioned them.

    I think Special Jewell has some nice shots here...