Friday, 16 January 2009

a mixed bag

This is Selavy Oh, as many of you know, possibly my favourite builder in SL. I have blogged her amazing pieces of work before, and missed getting a photo of her for my "best of 2008" post. She has become one of the latest friends of mine to be asked to join NPIRL, and recently Cube Republic has also joined. Congats and welcome to both...:)))

New products for sale at the beach....well....round the corner in Iz Space actually, bordering my bit of beach....( I will get them into the shop eventually...are the new flexi fern and the bunches of `Morning Glory...

I have spent quite a lot of time this week just hanging out and chatting to good friends, maybe a reaction to the Gallery Show and the work that that entailed. Been IM ing like a mad person, actually, amazing how friends change your life and how good they are for your self esteem....:)))

And how amusing it is when creativity and humour collide.... here is a strange scene from last nights opening.......I cant describe how funny it was, but the gruesome photos gives an idea that something unusual had happened....we were all in fits of laughter, Wizzy and Nada (I think....god I am terrible with names) had me doubled up so i could hardly type..(same old, some of you might say..:)) ) A spiral stair of noobs is a surreal thing to behold, and Wizzy ("likes to sit on stuff") made some noob sofas, except they were not noobs, but named after a member of the LL clan....

Well, she did have an axe to grind.... honestly..


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