Friday, 16 January 2009

Zee Linden and the Bot question....

Zee Linden is the finance guy for the Linden Boys.
And he has published the yearly figures here
and in the blog here he answers angry residents questions and opinions on whats wrong with SL...... and, to be quite honest I feel for him a bit cos he gets to recieve all the rotten apples thrown at him.
Well, he gets paid I am not sobbing or anything.

So, after an hour or so reading, what did I learn? just to save you the time...:))... well, statistics are a very dubious thing as we know...... and no-one believes anything the Boys say anymore....thats not news...

but this is what he has to say about bots. the subject of several blog post by my good self...and others, Im sure

in a random order...

"As I've said in the forums before, bots do impact these numbers. But we have seen evidence in the data that bot usage has not grown as a percentage of total use over time. making trending relevant.

Though I know people find it hard to believe - its very difficult to differentiate bots from live activity - there are signs that we are working on correlating but is very expensive from a database perspective in real time.

We talk a lot about bots in these forums when I bring up user hours. Unfortunately I'm not the datawarehouse guy that could tell you exactly why something works and other things don't. All I know about bots is that I don't think about them when I look at our financial statements. Our revenue has grown similar to user hours for many years, so I don't see any change in bot behavior in our revenue numbers. I keep saying the same thing about that because that's all I really know. Probably someone more technical than me could do a post about bots and what we know and what we don't know and then we could have a forum discussion just about bots.

That's right. This is a very complicated problem. I was just in a meeting where our Datawarehouse team talked about bot detection and alt detection. There are things we can do. There are things we should do. Real money transactions are generally bot free - especially where we charge a fee - so growth in the LindeX is a key thing to look at. But as I've mentioned that's not perfect either."

well....conclusion....they dont know how many bots there are.....

so I kinda guessed that...


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  1. My JIRA about the problem of human-looking bots, and how to regulate them:

    The way this discussion was managed clearly tolds the utter contempt of Linden Labs regardings this matter.