Wednesday, 28 January 2009


Evolution is a new Gallery, opened by Sabrinaa Nightfire and Alan801 Eclipse, and is at Cassowary (89,111,61)

I went back there today to get a photo and say a little more about it than I did the other day.

It is a huge space as you can see from the photo, and Marnies prims, which could have benefitted from a better tex, and Sabrinaa's photos dont really fill the space.

Sabrinaa did such a great job with the One Prim Wonder show at Caerleon, but putting on two exhibitions at the same time may have been just too much of a logistical nightmare. A huge space like this needs very large sculptures to fill, the wall space is proportionally small compared to the volume, and it is volume that would be needed.

Its a personal taste thing, and I can only give you mine, I dont like sculptures placed 'randomly' outside in the garden. I am of the strong belief that objects sit together in 3D space in a definite relationship. A composition is needed in 3D, even more than in 2D. If things, object, don't sit in a well composed relationship to each other ...all the objects lose out.

3D composition is a very difficult art, and one I have practiced from the age of 4, so I am intensely aware when things dont work.

So....a great space, congratulations, and one, I am sure we will be hearing more about, but this show is suffering from the teething troubles a lot of new galleries experience, namely that the owners will have to learn how to use their space to its best avdvantage. I wish them a lot of luck, we know Sabrinaa to be a talented artist and organiser, and I look forward to seeing how Evolution evolves.


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