Monday, 19 January 2009

Wizzy opens again at Caeleon

Well, IF you can log into SL today, and you'll notice thats a big IF, Wizard Gynoid, the mathematically inclined beauty, has a re-opening of her wonderful E8 at Caerleon Isle today...... but....if you are being messsed around like the rest of us cash-paying will be there tomorrow as well.

Now, its not certain that tomorrow will bring a better 'climate' to SL.... the Boys upgraded something, and, I would tend to think, that like brain surgeons they may have left the Rolex in the internal organs of the super-brain that keeps us all happy and playing psycho-frontiersman/woman/dragon in this most amazing of all possible worlds.

It is very nice to meet someone who appreciates a side of your work/craft that normally passes the uninitiated by. Such a person is Simone Gateaux, a biologist who saw in my work my rather loose understanding of botanical rules. She has posted very nice words and photos on her

Other breaking news.....well...I have finally found hair that I am very pleased with and will probably wear continually now until it gets so dirty I have to pop it in the washing machine where, the pessimist side of me says, it will probably shrink or run......we shall see....


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