Sunday, 11 January 2009

Lalalala Gallery,

Well, the opening day arrives and there is a bit of a buzz cos quite a few people have popped in already, to avoid the lag, which is not a bad idea at all given the puters some of us have to live with..:))

People have been very kind with their comments and I am quite excited, tho slightly nervous at the prospect of giving a talk at 1pm..... if I say anything interesting, I will blog it for those that miss the talk. Probably, tho, my regular readers will know a little about me, so if you cant make wont miss much..:))))

I have to mention Charlot Dickens, an old friend who has managed to tame her RL enough to be seen again in SL....welcome back.....AND my good friend and trusty neighbour on Lifstaen, Izabella, who I have seen after a break of many months where her RL employees have been working her too hard.

and Avalon, a new friend..... mmmm.... nice to have new friends...:))


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