Wednesday, 31 December 2008

2008....the best of..... lol, how traditional

Well, I thought I would put together some pictures of some of my favourite things....and that turns out to be people, of 2008.

IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER....:)) and very aware, as I am, that there are many missing. I have particularly missed Izabella and Charlot....two very good friends who have been abducted by RL. I hope they return in 2009.

....and everyone who bought trees from me should have a special mention too..... particularly those that dug deep into their pockets....particularly, Earth, Alex, Pandaemon, Giancarla, Jade, Sabrinaa, the list would just be tooo long...:))

People like Bettina and Fab amongst others have just been plain supportive too....... anyone I have forgotten will know it is my frail brain that is at fault... xxxxxxxxxxxx

EEEEEK.....I knew it would happen...... I have no photo of Caro Babenco...and she is the person I chat most with, probably, thousands of words we've exchanged in 2008.... Ah well, she knows how much i love her,....:))
Its her spirit, her sense of exploration, as much as her humour that keeps us chatting....
and i dont have photo of Selavy, just her work......

Dorney Vaher, a fairly recent friend, compared to others, but has a heart of pure gold and hair to match...:))

Selavy Oh, probably my favourite builder in SL cos of her scripting abilities and her fertile imagination.. . she and Aliz (and Bryn) really understand (as I have said before...sorry) that SL is a medium... and a cos she's a generally nice person.

Bryn Oh ...... Such a lovely looking being would make anyone swoon, I think. A great builder and imaginative artist she keeps creating good stuff.

Although offline at the moment due to house moving, Pixi Cosmos is one of my friends, and like my others, have kept me happy and smiling....

Betty Rogan with one of my favourite avis of all time... posted earlier.... Yao Ogee's humour and Betty's lovely nature....(she's also a budgie at times, when she's not a bee)

This is an old photo of Mr Widget, tho he hasnt aged at all..... best dance music of 2008, I think.... always have a good bop if I'm online at the right time

The wonderful Wizard Gynoid, talented and witty, a pleasure to know.

Sporadic Flow, here pictured with a likeness of Mr Moonsoo, a welcome return of this talented builder. He was my first mentor and a real gem.

ColeMarie Soleil, another very welcome return... A talented girl with great ears and voice...:))) without you I wouldnt have a thing to wear....:))

Alizarin Goldflake I have mentioned before in these pages... great textures and a great friend. Always a pleasure to see what you are up to.

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