Sunday, 1 February 2009

Flexi Sculpties

Thats the BIG NEWS.....

Its been officially confirmed , if you haven't heard already..... ColeMaire, genius and friend, got the news to me as soon as she heard it.
Hugs, Cole.
I was over the moon.
So excited I could hardly type.
I IMed Bettina, who, sensibly enough, got it confirmed by Quarl Linden .......and NPIRL'ed it.
still excited.

For those of you who aren't builders, what it means for me personally is that my flowers will bend in the wind, and the leaves of my trees will this, along with the shadows you can get with the Kirsten Shadow...something Viewer wiil bring my forests to life.
Clothes and hair designers and will benefit in a big way too, and that will feed down to like of you and me, and how we look and how our clothes hang.
All exciting stuff.

There is other news....
omg...sorry its been ages since I
First thing I should tell you is that Wizzy (my sister) has done an amazing new geometrical thingy....a different E8 to the original...involving 60,000 calculations......but the details are so totally beyond me....she speaks English but I dont understand a word......find out more by going here

Then....more....the machinima I have been directing has been filmed by the lovely Chantal Harvey...and is in post production.
Bean and Earth starred in this boring little melodrama ...hehehheh....actually its an advert for a company that sells eLearning.....well, good luck to them. Never thought "boring" could be a design brief, but there you go...I CAN do boring, too. heheheheh.

I'm working on my 74th Ancient, the 71st, 71nd, and 73rd are finished, and I'm pleased with all of them so far. Sabrinaa Nightfire has asked me to show at her new gallery, Evolution, I blushed a bit knowing my previous post was a little critical, but presumably she hasnt read it, or is big enough to forgive me my honesty.

....and another little gallery has asked me to show mid-Feb for two weeks. Details will, of course, follow.

Thats about it really, except for the Reccession Is getting On MY Nerves.... but maybe a rant here about gas companies trying to sell me electricity and electricity companies touting gas, and EVERYONE IN THE WORLD trying to sell me cheaper car insurance, would be inappropriate. Suffice to say that, as well as running my own household, I have had to bail out the bank buggers and now I am giving £2.2 Billion, well, with some other an industry that makes things no-one wants. DUH.

Nishi Motors wont see a penny of that money.:)))


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