Friday, 2 April 2010

Weekend ... a Million L$ and other stuff

Well...lots of not-very-much been going on in my lives. RL has claimed more than it's fair share with me having to look for a new hovel to rent at an outrageous price. Why are all landlords utter bastards?

Anyway, Max is purring and my brains fused into a mushy mess after having tried to install an OpenSim which would be fine if I had a PC, but something isn't quite dropped into OSgrid instead and started messing with my Ruth there until I crashed, well..the whole place crashed (was it something I uploaded?) ....and...soo...I saved some trees to my harddrive with Emerald...which got me thinking about how good Emerald is compared to the SL 2.0 which it seems like everyone hates...and the new ToS which probably 99.9% of people agreed to without reading,'s too short. If you had to read every software agreement and everything the bank sends everytime they change the colour of their toilet paper.... you would get very little done.

Well, the new ToS sort of implies that SL is heading towards a SL-viewer-only environment...all viewers have to conform/be approved by that means that the Emerald boys and girls will have to do what LL want, I guess....that's gonna be popular....

...oh, yes, and if you didn't know before...the ToS explains that you own nothing and They own everything, just in case there was any misunderstanding there.... well....I knew that, even tho LL has been inviting people to Buy Land and Buy Lindens..... you don't actually own the Lindens you just have the right to play with a sort of borrowing until they want them back, I guess...

Anyway to get to the cool MillionL$... I have it straight from Jayjay that he has a Million to spend as yearly budget for prize money for the art comp they do each month and a half million for the machinima awards...per year. That is the sort of sponsorship we would expect from LL (but be sadly deluded), and the sort of sponsorship we would not expect from a private source, (if a university is private)...anyway...again it shows who thinks art is important.

Well done to the University of Western Australia, it shows balls and an appreciation of what matters.

Well done to Jayajay and Quad for the work they put in to get that cash, and to the machinima makers who actually inspired the men with the pockets.... next machinima competitions will have 100,000L$ as first prize, as I understand it, and the theme will not be the campus...:))....any ideas for a theme, (is one needed?) to Jayjay...he's open to all suggestions....

....and any spare cardboard boxes put to one side in case I end up sleeping rough.... (not really).....(crosses fingers and toes)...


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  1. awwww thanks Soror. Yeah we are very happy. The funding will start as soon as the current cycyel is over, meaning after Sept 2010, and for Machinima will be for 2011 onwards.

    This is a direct result of the 2010 MachinimUWA challenge which has really lived up to its purposes, and now has brought in funding which will allow me to have Machinima events run without being restricted like the first time