Friday, 20 February 2009

the Real World 2

Those of you who know me, either through these pages, or in-world, will know of my continuing interest in the relationships we have with our Second incarnations, the ones we play though on the screen.

My rant, Real Weirdos didn't really clarify exactly what I meant and, in my surprisingly popular real world post, last month I tried to approach the fact that real emotions and real healing happens In-World to such a common degree that the idea that SL is any less real than RL is a little confusing.

So....I was watching and interested in a programme on the TV...(a rare thing)... and the view of one so-called expert.... namely that the only difference between dreaming and waking is the interference in the waking state of sense impressions. He used the terms "dream" and "Real World", and current theories of consciousness seem to back up what Jung (my personal nominee for Greatest Mind of the Twentieth Century) has said in so many different ways....namely that dreams are real.

The psyche is a reality, everything we experience in the "Real World" we experience with our psyche. Like a force of nature, our dreams are real. By definition, then SL is real, as real as anything else we see and experience, and the behaviour of our on-screen personalities comes from just one source, obviously.

I haven't met anyone, except Pixi and Puma, in RL and was interested when a friend said she had met a few people in both worlds... "oh...what are they like?" I was fascinated...."just the same," she said..... :))

There may be a case for arguing, and I know some of my friends would agree, that.... because you know the exterior/appearance to be an illusion in SL you tend to look through that more in SL than you do in RL. I have always been amazed at how sharp my intuition has become in SL when, should be worse.

And I am daily amazed at the degree of healing that occurs for those that are open to using SL for the exploration of the psyche.

So..... I'm not going anywhere in particular with these musings... just a mental note to try and stop calling it RL... First Life might be better... and to justify (to myself if I need to) this beloved addiction.

I also need to rant at some point about the idea that realising that you have multiple sides to your personality is not a disorder, but extremely healthy......just look at people stuck in their personnas and you will see mental dis-ease.

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  1. thought i should comment on this one. you are, of course, right in that our perception of both the world and our dreams are subjective. i do not know how you felt in your dream, but i also do not really know how the colour of the sky appears to you (because it is your personal subjective experience).

    however, there is a difference: we can both look at the sky and talk about its subtle blend of colours or about the transparency of the clouds. but we cannot both look at your dream (or experience it in any other way). because there is no such thing as an objective reality of a dream.

    hm, i could just go on and on ...

  2. hmm....true, in one way.... although an experience doesn't need to be shared to be "objective reality'. The social and cultural norms tend to be shared and they can be used to define "reality".

    It isn't one particular dream that Jung wants to emphasise as real, rather that dreams are as real as, say...depression, madness....other psychic phenomena.

    "Reality" isn't non-psychic as many of his early critics maintained.