Saturday, 14 February 2009

Mushrooms and Fruit

Another new show, (me) opening this Sunday.

I am showing all my mushrooms and fruit, together with some (only a few....don't worry) of my RL paintings....and I have a couple of retextured trees which have turned out rather well.

The show is at The Vienna Quarter, Schweet (191,86,28)...and reminds me that I was in Vienna many years ago looking at the Jugendstil of the Secessionist architect Otto Wagner, and of course, the beautiful work of Gustav Klimt.

I would always aim to capture elements of this work in my humble attempts, the stylistic abstraction of reality to emphasise and enhance the essence rather than photographic reproduction of banality.

Alpha Auer recently wrote a long article in NPIRL, concerning art... and it would be too much for me to paraphrase this long article here.

There are always things that stick in your mind, however, when you read some well thought-out piece like this, and for me it was the point that art actually was useful in "the old days".

She points out that functionality disappeared from art a long time ago and Virtual Worlds art has a possibility of ressurrecting that. If I build a tree, for example, it will be 'used' in a way that a priceless pickled shark will not be.....(the shark will be kept under lock and key in a controlled environment).

Which brings me on to "Rant Mode" concerning photographs, in the galleries of SL.....omg..... best if I don't get started. It is probably sufficient to say that there are few, very few photos hanging on the walls of galleries that present me with anything new. I think not even 1% are better than anything you or I could snap and plague virtual worlds with. And, why? Why would I hang a photo on a wall??... THE WHOLE WALL IS A PHOTO ANYWAY......OK, enough, ....soror, stop.


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