Tuesday, 10 February 2009

hmmmm...... wouldn't make Flickr

Well..... self-publicity is important, but you have to make sure you go off with a bang, rather than a fizzle....

someone invited me to:

"Please come and seemy amazing one day exhibition of my newest installation - This Artwork is a Victim... - at Arena today at 12 noon SL Time. This is different than anything you've ever seen before!"

Unusually, for me, I formed an opinion immediately " [13:05] soror Nishi: f....king load of crap......:))))))....I'm off home...."

rather harsh for me..... sorry...

When I came to SL, I promised myself I would tell the truth, and it has been interesting who I have offended in the process.

The guy who was head of the Stock Exchange got very annoyed when I told him it was the ugliest building I could ever have imagined.
Rar got upset at even less.....
Hope the artist of the above piece has a broader outlook..... or I can kiss my arse goodbye.... :)) well......better than kissing someone elses, I guess.


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  1. well, this poor artist may have suffered unduely sharp criticism, I wasn't maybe in the best of moods, yesterday, as it turns out....but hey....thems the breaks....