Sunday, 22 February 2009

Pet Wolf

Well, this is me, taking a coffee break after putting together 8 megas for the trunk of my huge new tree, the 75th Ancient, it, as I have written below, is for my new build at Caerleon, which will hopefully start next week. So far it am at around 150 prims on this tree so its not for the average back garden. I wouldn't be surprised if it touches 256 before I'm through.

Many thanks to Scotsgreymouser for letting me use her platform to build this on, I don't have anything like the necessary prims to build something of this size.

Ahh....great when you rez at the exact same moment as a friend.....Pixi and I arrived synchroniously at Aliz'a show.

Aliz is showing at Ambber's Sun Escapes Art Centre.... the address is White Rock (20,224,22,).... IM me or Alizarin Goldflake for an LM.

Betty (as bee) enjoying one of the exhibits above... Betty is streets ahead of me in letting go of her human shape in SL, and I have such respect for that. She enjoys life as a bee and, along with other intrepid adventurers, as a flock of budgies. is often the case that events happen to confirm or underline things you are currently thinking about. This morning in my FL (first life) bed, in that space in time just before you rezz, I got an IM, (a dream) and the IM said...(and picture it as the message only, as it appears on the bottom of your screen)...
"Pet Wolf: ... Nishi, I need you."
Now, the interesting thing is that there is no avatar in SL called Pet Wolf. However, I know exactly who this person is. My unconscious has given someone I know a nickname, without my conscious intervention.

Jung mentions the humour dormant in the unconscious and it certainly made me laugh. An interesting point, however, is the complete autonomy of the unconscious, which, by definition is beyond my conscious reach.

In light of my post yesterday it also underlines the proximity of unconscious and conscious states, and the rather artificial mental borders we throw up between "real" events, dreams and SL.


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