Friday, 12 December 2008


Well, this is Sporadic Flow, both of them actually... now the one at the top with the hat may remind you of someone called Kaltusaran Moonsoo, if you had met him.... well, they are related.

The cute little fellow at the bottom is how Sporadic appears for the most part recently, I am very pleased to see him back in Second Life.... :))))

And this is my recent Profile pic.

I went to Svarga, cos I heard it was being sold..... and found this great
but there are some dodgy trees there...

And this is just one shot from Auras build at Angels Nest, as part of the Human rights thingy. The address is....Angels Nest (26,75,665) but you arrive at a central tp point and tp from there...:))

And I have a show at Caeleon which opens on Sunday, not Saturday as I have been telling will fill you in with the details.... later.


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