Sunday, 21 December 2008

A Winters Tale

'Twas Christmas night in the White House,
the snow lay on the grass,
"We may be in trouble, guys,
(verily, it came to pass)
The economy's in the crapper"
Bush to his Twiglets said,
"We'd better get a good idea,
I'll just go soak my head."

some time later

"Let's print loads of Money, boys !!"
The inspiration struck
"so children can buy loads of toys
and bless Me for their luck."....

And so it came to pass that Bush and his Twiglets did buy some ink and set the Mint to work.

And the Archvillain of the People, who's name is Inflation Madeoff was fed at the doors of the white house and charged with the duty of sneaking, silently, into every bank account throughout the land and, moth-like, to nibble at the corners of every Dollar, of rich and poor.

Inflation thrived and Bush and His Twiglets did look out over the land and smile.....

"Well, this may have been my biggest boob
but, Hell it's just good luck,
I'll leave this Cock-up for The Noob,
cos I don't give a fuck."


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