Sunday, 14 December 2008

Spiral Walcher and bunnies

Spiral sent me a tp...and I popped over..... he had built a christmas woodland scene with bunnies. The bunnies looked at you all the time, and i trod on one by accident......he didnt mind...and bunnie stomping became quite amusing... (small minds...etc)...

Anyway I had a serious word with a couple of them, as you can see, about the cabbages. there was an "incident" that could have lead to me having "issues" with them. Anyway we parted friends....:)))

Then I was at Caeleon, where I have a piece on show..... will photo it for tomorrow... pop over and have a look.

Well... I went to a couple of my favourite blogs and found they have this following thing....and its quite interesting to see who reads which I put it on my site so I can follow my own blog.....well...looked pretty stupid with no-one. too..:))


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