Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The Pope and the arab.

Now, Michael Faraday (1791-1867) said, and obviously its not a unique observation, "There is nothing as frightening as someone who knows they are right".

and when the Pope and the arab, whose name its best not to type, agree on their attitude towards homosexuality, I think my remarks in a previous post concerning Religion are a little justified:

"Religion..... not a topic to touch on if you wanna make friends they say. Hmmm.... well, my opinion is that religion has been the justification for more murderous activity than any other. If you have God on your side you are permitted to do anything. It is basic form of schizophrenia, where the responsibility is foisted onto an invisible entity, like listening to walls, but more socially acceptable."

After writing the above someone asked me why I didnt just join an atheist group. Well, I have gods, I am not without beliefs, but my gods live in flowers, trees, fields, sunsets, mountains and all living creatures. My gods dont judge you by how "good" you are, or "pure" and they dont pronounce on what is "right" and "wrong". They dont cause wars.

Not that I have anything against the roman catholic Church either; in fact, I like colourful pomp and ceremony more than the dour anti-everything Protestant Churches whose petty-mindedness has infected our laws and culture. But it is, beyond any shadow of doubt, a work of evil for the Powerful to single out any particular minority and judge , condemn or ridicule.

It is done...always has been, of course, to control.
Those in positions of power have, by definition, a power-complex... and dont tolerate any attempt to usurp their Control. As they are normally paranoid-schizophrenics this normally means everyone else.
This is the psychology underlying the Popes recent comment.
Well, he never had a life....


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