Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Shadows, at last


Check this out... shadows

Now, selavy has done some wonderful photos of some of my trees......but now that there are shadows in SL, my trees will really put the linden trees and other photo replicas of trees to shame.

I didnt make shadows for my trees because of the difficulty of getting a shadow to lay against the terrain properly, and because I knew they were on their way. Well, congratulations to LL for having done will make all the difference to me.

NB!! see comments.....I got this wrong...... LL have NOT managed to get it together......

The motor industry is awash with rumours of the impending launch of Nishi Motors first vehicle. Nishi Motors is a subsidiary of Soror Nishi Unlimited and a press release is expected shortly. it appears that they have, after extensive R and D, produced a totally eco car with vertical take-off and landing, avoiding thereby traffic snarl-ups and pollution at the same time.

Watch this space.



  1. just to mention: there aren't shadows yet in any of the LL viewers, as far as i know. the viewer i used is kirsten's shadowdraft viewer.

  2. me to get it wrong....