Monday, 22 December 2008

Alizarin Goldflake had a skating party

As usual the environment Aliz had created was wonderful, the snow is just beautiful and the anims for the skaters was super cool.... I had a great time. I made some frozen fish skate skates....and they went down well with Aliz and I who did some amazing synchronised pieces before the guests arrived and Aliz played hostess while I went to bed....:)))

I am currently waiting at Weblin to get my photo done for the little chat avatar at the bottom of this blog...we shall see how it all works out. Interesting.

Other, non vital, news...well, this blog hits the 6000 mark, and I think I have cracked Gimp, well, enough to use it for tex. So all is well with the world ... the squirrel is still burying the birds peanuts, and the birds are annoyed.... all sane...:))

Hope to turn my mind to Christmas these next few days, and made a start at Lalala.....:))

have to get a party frock on...



  1. get your frock on, but leave your fish skates on!

    you are such a clever girlie!

  2. heheheh....they might ladder me stockings...:))