Wednesday, 4 August 2010

UWA penultimate month..

.....not the penultimate month for UWA, UWA isn't going anywhere, rather it's the 11th month of the artistic challenge that has resulted in the best art show on the grid, bar none. 80 pieces are on show, and all of them are worth a viewing.... not a cat or rose photo amongst em....

The awards are announced this sunday so pop over and vote for your favourites while you are there.

When you see that little white Selavy chair, you know you are in for a treat, and this chair is no exception. Identity Absent and I are arguing over a chair and, as usual I am amazed by how far ahead of almost everyone Selavy is in her work. She just stretches again and again what is possible with SL and is the Foremost Frontrunner in my opinion.

Anyway, Identity Absent was a little less argumentative this time I visited, not sure if he/she/it was having a down day, but I did try and friend her ...hehehhehehe/him/it......... priceless.

On the other end of the scale a very nice piece of classical sculpture by Yabuska Loon with some beautiful prims.....

...and Markus Inkpen with some staggeringly good textures, and, most importantly his piece, Know Thyself, had something which is too often lacking in SL art, it has meaning and consistency. It is a very good piece by any standards you want to scale it against.

The ancestors around the walls, the clock, double helix...all work together extremely well.

Now, Pixi Cosmos is no stranger to those of you who have read these pages over a longer period of time. This is only the second time she has shown her work in public. This piece, A Slice of Tranquility is a great composition of her lovely trees....excellent.

...and this piece by Lea Supermarine, called Neural Nonsense is exactly what happens in my head when I have a migraine...made me smile anyway...

...there are too many pieces to mention them all, Wizzy and Aliz, Miso...Rose....there are loads to see...

Fuschia Nightfire shows what can be done without scripts in her "magic wind"...

....and my 99th tree...The Happy Tree is on show for the first time as well....lots to check out...



  1. that happy tree makes me happy! when my kids were babies i used to sing them that song---

    and of course selavy's empty chair is wonderful with or without identity absent to guard it (if you can find identity, then you're in for a run of good luck)

  2. good to know it does what it claims to then...:))