Sunday, 22 August 2010

Emeraldgate continues

The ongoing saga of the Emerald teams disagreements continue with news that Fractured Crystal (Display Names.. eat your heart out) has resigned and handed the reins to Arabella (who is also resigning) and if it continues it'll be only ex-Lindens left running the show...

As @Toxicmenges tweeted with great foresight yesterday...."Stick another Ex Linden in the microwave, should be defrosted by the time the next Emerald Drama breaks next week."

Other news is concerning InWorldz.... time to buy that sim.

As of 1st September set up fees will be charged for the island set up, 75$ on top of your first months one now... I did, as you know..and it's the best virtual money I ever spent (apart from some great hair...)...

They have made great strides when it comes to stability and I would think their sudden remarkable growth will need a bit of a serious financial backup... all well deserved.... 11300 users, and 427 sims.. .thats up from 10k and 333 sims just 11 days ago..... can't be bothered to get the calculator out...but thats growth LL would kill for.

As to their credibility...I did write an "in-depth" post a while back for those that missed it.

Keep rocking the boat you guys and girls..


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