Saturday, 14 August 2010

Escapee.... copybot strikes...

I said before, it's impossible to protect your IPR (intellectual property rights) and I stand by that, even if we would like to change it.

Well, someone stole a tree from me (and a set of lillies)..... It's not anything I'm likely to get upset about...I see it more like an escapee. Shame I'm not as good at copying my own stuff.....

Plastichansa Bade and Arielsong Allen are the miscreants with good taste, tho I doubt they use those names in SL.

Still theft of my art works has happened before (RL) and it will no doubt happen again..... and it is a form of flattery they say.......hehehehe..

No one can steal my skill tho...thank the gods.

Sod em.



  1. I will just never understand :-((

    The most exspensive thing I ever bought from you cost me $3.37 USD. My gosh it likely cost you that much in PC eletricity to create... never mind your time or talent.
    I couldn't purchase a cup of Starbucks coffee for 3.37

    When content is stolen it's not the money as much as I see it undermining the integrity of the virtual world experience.
    It is a shabby cheap thing to do...and.........
    It says a tremendous amount about what price some people will set on themselves.

    Yes, we all have a price. And old loan shark I knew many years ago once said that everyone has a price and that you can't say what you will or will not do......until it's 3am and someone opens a suitcase with 10 kilos of $100 dollar bills in it (one million USD).
    There's just you, the money, one other person, and no one's going to know. Then you tell me what you will or will not do.
    My price is higher than 3.37

  2. Yes, it is surprising. I'm usually grateful when I'm ripped of for less than $10, thinking it could easily have been 100$, and even then glad it's not 1000$.
    It never really hurts that much but it is a very clear statement about the thief..... not about people in general, as this is the only occasion after more than 3 years, it's a very rare event.

  3. 'Escapee' ha i like that term; gardens migrate. Shameful that it is stolen.


  5. @Anonymous...I can't view that image...:((

  6. the tree was purchased legally in SL

  7. Well, thank you for your custom then..:)))

  8. I hope that you can remove the picture or name, or rectify the comments mentioned in the photo, thanks for your kindness

  9. is still NOT legal to take my trees to Open Sim



  10. ok, as you want, it's stupido not say for me, I buy everything and spend my money in SL, but if you prefer to do it the other way will do so, bye beautiful