Sunday, 22 August 2010

Thoth Jantzen .... a visual extravaganza ....and a garden

Thoth Jantzen...well.... it's a must see.

Thoth has basically stretched the SL medium to the limit. Music and visuals, textures all meshed into an experience you couldn't have in RL.

He has this to say about it...
"“Enjoy the experience! When you arrive, click the "play" button in your media controller, and explore - that's it! We do suggest first trying out the seating pads in the entry area (make sure your media's working, then point and click to get on, then hit ESC two times. When you're done, just click 'stand up' to get off) but there's no real path you must follow - just go where you like! We do suggest you take your time and look around - there's a LOT to see and experience - but you can do it at your own pace in whatever order you wish. And, of course, you're always welcome to return! To enter the main build, just point and click on the portal pool in the centre of the entry area. The name of this build derives from what you get when 'complexity' emerges from 'simplicity' -- I hope its obvious!”

The SLURL is here.

Another preview you might enjoy is this one....I have been asked not to post photos and....I didn't install Viewer 2.0 (recommended for the site) before I went...

The press release is huge so I won't post it all here...
"LPDT2 is the Second Life incarnation of Roy Ascott’s groundbreaking new media art work La Plissure du Texte (“The Pleating of the Text”), created in 1983 and shown in Paris at the Musée de l’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris during that same year.

"LPDT2 will be projected into Real Life in Seoul, Korea during the INDAF new media art festival held at Tomorrow City, Songdo, Incheon, throughout September 2010. The project will also be open to visitors in Second Life during this month, starting from September 1st.
Roy Ascott's project has been co-authored in Second Life by Selavy Oh (programming and architecture), MosMax Hax, aka. Max Moswitzer (architecture and terrain) and Alpha Auer, aka. Elif Ayiter (avatar design). Further associates are Frigg Ragu, aka. Heidi Dahlsveen (avatar animations) and i-DAT from the University of Plymouth, UK (Real Life SMS input). Special thanks go to the University of Applied Fine Arts, Vienna, who have made the project come to life through the provision of their Second Life island for the duration of the show."

The SLURL is here...

I popped over to see a garden planted by one of my customers, as I sometimes do..

...and was very pleasantly surprised. Immm Back is the lady with green fingers who obviously possesses a considerable landscaping skill. Her post-nuclear "Wasteland" is well thought out, planted and has a number of dwellings from containers to shacks.

The lovely Siouxsie Seoung explained that the sim was far from private but home to a community called The Puppettes and they welcomed visitors. SLURL is here.

A huge space craft hovered over the sim..

....containing a mall....I was pressed for time so didn't explore....should go back.

and....I ended the day with some friends Wizzy and Juanita. Turquoise, Astra and Miso also popped in...on soror Nishi Island (InWorldz) where I have used a few more prims...

My show today at UWA is worth a visit too, of course, I am showing most of the pieces I entered to the Imagine Competition over the last 11 months set in a sort of bay.... my dragon is there too....SLURL...

See ya there



  1. i love it when i'm in your blog. keep up the good work!

  2. I was nice visiting; it's wonderful to see people branching out into Inworldz and meeting them all over again!

    Next time pls take a pic of me when i am not covered in attachments :D