Monday, 16 August 2010


Well, a new type of SnowStorm is being with 100% visibility...It goes like this...

1) LL sacks all its developers after spending 500 hours on a viewer that most people despise.

2) Admitting that it's too hard for the few remaining to figure out LL give the problem free, gratis, opensource to guys and gals who want to help them build a brave new world.

3) Everyone can be involved... publicly, meetings are open and etc....generally idea being...LL will actually let people test the viewer before it is released.

4) When the task is completed and you have sorted out everything including meshes and search, LL promise not to implement "Third Party Viewer Policy v 2.0"... (Make Sure We Still Have That Advertising Space On The UI Policy)

Oh, sorry, item 4 was not specifically mentioned, but I'm sure they wouldn't do that to you all again, would they...

5) Anyone giving their time to this product will get a reduced tier bad...that was just pure fantasy...

Now, excuse my cynicism, but it is born of experience, a sort of sensible cynicism, ..... I wonder if it is actually too late in the day to ask people to help them build a brave new world. Isn't there a credibility gap?

Most producers know that if you release a real dog of a product onto the market no amount of advertising hype and forced enthusiasm will resurrect the dead. Bury it, start again.

But, the Mantra of the Dead Viewer goes like this.... "Viewer 2 has great new features".. and lots of people are joining in, it has a sort of mystical optimism about it.. try it.. hmm... nah, its pure crap...

Web on a prim..big deal.

With Qarl now joining Emerald I know who my money would be on if I were a gambler.

In other big news we will soon, "very soon" be able to have more names floating over our heads. Excited?... wow... that will be in the same class as voice morphing I would guess... did manage to sleep last night...

I know this does all sound negative, and I would like to be upbeat, but no mention of scalable prims, builders tools, linking sets, nothing concrete, nothing real, just hype....

So you're gonna fix the viewer...well you busted it in the first place....

...more snake oil, anyone?



  1. going into a store and breaking something, you broke it you buy it.

  2. ooo yes let's get the opensource people to work for us for free; that really works... until said company then copyrights or "patents" (i know, it's totally incorrect re: patent law, but that line is being confuzzulated daily) the underpinning tech... it's happened more than once (ask Oracle or SCO).

    Yet another move by clueless MBAs who never heard the golden rule: "In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is."

    If they'd pull their myopic beady eyes off their conflagrated imaginary "sales vector charts" or whatever they are hogwashing the stockholders with these days and actually INTERFACE WITH THE TARGET MARKET (woowoo! See?! I can tawk da tawk tooz)they might have a clue. Many. In fact, forget clues; every complaint and suggestion from the constant-users base, if addressed or even even attempted, would give a tremendous boost to LL's credibility and useability.

    If there's a snowstorm coming, there's probably a snowcrash coming too...