Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Boobs Fall-Out

Well, Emeraldgate has not gone away, the Boys are thinking of welcoming the Viewer back into the fold under certain conditions. In the name of transparency these conditions were secret....then, the Boys changed their minds, and decided Emerald could tell us about the list..... who cares...I've personally passed thro disinterest into comatose...

Of course, if you can't log in.... then this whole thing may be more important... "In the coming days, some of the older versions of Emerald Viewer may be blocked from logging in at our request, this however will not happen until updated versions are made available on our website." keep up, you Emerald users with the latest....

Boobs, however, are a different matter for many. Wizard Gynoid, who's name figures large reporting the whole debacle, was the Tweeter who came up with this bomb shell. Apparently the Boob Dude, the sole boob coder in Emerald, has left before finishing the job, leaving the project for boobs, hanging..... so those who adopted Emerald for the flexi mammaries may feel 'screwed by Boob Dude.'

Emergence, a new viewer has, well,...emerged as having most of the features Emerald has, but Imprudence seems to be gaining respect.... meanwhile, we are all looking forward to adopting Annoyance, the new V.2.987654132. from the Boys.

Finally, I have been given the keys to the sim at IBM ( C) which I will be transforming into something or another for your delectation ...the working title is, currently, Tree of Trees, now that Glyph has left the (IBM) building...

I'm all set to get my hands dirty and my brain fried...



  1. where can i get that annoyance viewer? i need to add it to my viewer collection. someday these things will be worth a lot of real money.

  2.'s soon coming to a screen near you....

  3. Boob Coder? Flexible mammaries?? THE BOOB DUDE????

    I geuninely had no idea this was at all possible on Emerald, or not as the case now appears..

    Mind you, this opens up a whole field of possibilities to poke fun at....

    'screwed by the Boob Dude'...wish I thought of that... :)

  4. OK Guys...Thys iz seeriozzz bisynuss....
    thunk bowt al thet zeendra land und wot wul hapun too ets valooo.
    tesk tsk..makn joks at a tym lyk this.

    {viewer V.2.987654132. is pretty well said tho!}

  5. lolz Annoyance 2.0 :D

    Well, since my boobies aren't that huge as to bobble, I cannot say I am devastated; however, it surely looks bad for the Tentacle Boys :(

    I look forward to seeing your gardening, as always magical; and to think! They have just released 'Avatar' again with 9 minutes of missing footage; maybe the part where they visited your sims and got "influenced" by your art? :D Great promotional marketing tie-in work! :D

  6. No, I'm not particularly troubled either Miso...:))

    Avatar v 1.00009...the nerve of some people..