Friday, 12 February 2010


Maeve and I spent several hours transferring prims and linked groups in what has to be one of the most boring jobs we have to do as builders. I fail to understand why there can't be a mass transfer possibility, like somewhere on the land file..."all prims owned by..... transfer to......", well, just one of those things and we were mainly successful just a few sneeky little prims hiding out somewhere to be discovered at another opportunity.

Well, you know a job is nearly at it's end when that happens, and Maeve is very pleased with the outcome as I am. No doubt there will be a possibility of visiting when the place is ship-shape. She owns some nice pieces by Glyph which will really look great in the new underwater habitat.

I was very happy to see my favourite Pixi Cosmos online again after a while (hibernating, no doubt) and we sat down with a friend of hers, Grey to play Uno.

I won one game which had Pixi dancing on the able while I searched my invent for dances...

Juanita posted an amazing image on her of a RL/SL interface. It makes you think.

Botgirl has issued a "wake up!!" post for anyone considering using Google Buzz viz.... "Google Buzz Overtakes Facebook in Race to Bottom of Privacy Barrel".... certainly has a bearing on previous posts which she, Lalo and I have written concerning privacy.

...and this from SL's most controversial artist SaveMe Oh, and maybe one of the funniest too.... one of those Public Information adverts.... you add the ending...

Breath from SaveMe Oh on Vimeo.

I have seldom had as many long comments as I did on my Koinup post about her and her vid Fuck the Swiss... but...well..that's the joy of SL, it takes all sorts to make a world.

My best friend (RL) is an artist and he has spent a lot of time abroad (i.e. Europe) as he currently lives in Paris. He has always been seriously shocked by how serious Serious Artists have to be on the Continent to be taken seriously...

No wonder SaveMe winds some people up, iconoclasts (why aren't we all?) have to be disrespectful, it's their job..


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  1. This weekend I am going to wind up somebody forever. I will personally help Wirxli Flimflam, a sad stalker, with his transition out of the virtual world. When he looks at my movie Breath he will know his future.