Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Wednesday stuff

Sabrinaa has very kindly asked me to do a bit of background planting for her new show which opens on Sunday and is in the form of a sort of "No Texture Challenge", it will be on Erato and a number of artists (details to follow) have entered pieces with no texture... colour, shine and shape only.... quite an interesting idea and it will be worth a visit I am sure.

SLartsparks has done a post on Frigg Ragu's storytelling sim.....The Companion in their blog ..here... I don't know much about this group but have joined them on AU, so that's one way to find out...

The big news story this week is probably about the Worlds Fair in Shanghai...

...and Bryn is interested in hearing from those who might like to contribute....

"As I mentioned earlier this week Linden Labs have given me five sims for a real life project. The project is to create a build and machinima for the Madrid pavillion at the Worlds Fair this year. The event hosts 250 countries and expects 70 million visitors. Aino Baar is the Spanish curator who has achieved the SL presence within the event.

Open This End builders who are interested in helping elros Tuominen build a version of Africa are to place work at the above landmark. We will be looking for skill sets that will help him with the build. Your work should showcase that which you are best at building. Be it sound, texture, animation, scripting, structure or other. If you make great furniture show us that, if its sculpted trees then place that. Please limit yourself to 500 prims maximum and only place your best work rather than attempt to fill the 500 prim allotment.

On sunday the 21st we will choose those who are best suited to help with the project.

It is important that you are able to work with some direction and can work with others. That you are reliable and most of all excited and enthusiastic.

It can be difficult to work with many different personalities so most of all we wish to avoid any bickering and drama. We have three months before the event begins and we plan on getting started as soon as possible."

So, if you would like to be a part of this huge event, join up and show what you can do.... Well done to both Aino and Bryn....that's gonna be quite a project.

...and well done to Wizard Gynoid. Wizzy has long been recognised as a bit of a maths genius and her E8 structure has been highlighted by the boffins who are into the Science side of VW's. Good blog on her work here. Last night I went round and saw her latest project which is a mind-bending thingy of 3000 prims called a Klein Bottle. I understood nothing. It was great.

...and, at Inspiration Island tonight... " Wed the 17th at 2pm we have The Born Again Pagans with hexx Triskaidekophbia." I'm a fan.

Well, Inspiration Island has a whole list of musical stuff this week...

"Thurs the 18th we have Damian Carbenell performing at 5pm.

Sat night at 5 we have Maximillion Kleen and at 7pm Arimo Teixeira takes the stage.

Sun 21st is our Haiti Relief Event, from Noon till 9pm we will have one performance after another, while we are also putting on a machinma contest, looking for the best performance art video of a performance here, at Inspiration Island the day of our show.

Mark your calendars now, so you dont miss your favorites!

12-1 Reis & Ald Alter
1-2 JooZz Magic
2-3 Bones Writer
3-4 Celtic Maiden
4-5 harrison Digfoot
5-6 Tone Uriza
6-7 Thumper Boucher
7-8 Arimo Teixeira
8-9 RoseDrop Rust and Cellandra Zon."

But, for me the best news this week has come thro ~NWN, the news that thanks to KirstenLee Cinquetti's Shadowdraft viewer, S19, demo below.... shadows are one step nearer to SL. The effect this will have on my forests and trees will be revolutionary.

For a fuller report....see NWN blog...here.

All I need now is a graphix card with muscles..... oh, yes, and someone who can make this viewer Mac friendly...

I am patient.


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