Thursday, 18 February 2010

Treeline 3

Just a little reminder that Virtual Treeline Gallery is showing a new set of artists from tomorrow

...and I am showing a new tree.

Its called The Bubble Tree and is 225 prims. Maeve Eiren told me a while back that she had a dream with a bubble tree in it and it has stayed in my head altho it doesn't necessarily look like bubbles anymore.....well.....sculptures change as you work on them.

Its built out of a lot of regular prims as "The Tree", my January entry for the UWA comp was. The Tree was an attempt to show that really you dont need Blender skills to build a good tree, anyone can, and altho the same can't be said for The Bubble Tree..i.e. there are a few good sculpties in there, the principle stlll holds good.

It's the second of my underwater trees, the first one, The Coral Reef Tree is not currently showing anywhere altho I have planted three at Maeve's. She will be holding an 'open week' in the near future for visitors. If you can't wait til then, IM me or Maeve for a visit.

Anyway, pop over to Treeline tomorrow after 2, Juanita has a good eye for art and her previous shows have been excellent.


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