Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Well, I liked the look of the new viewer but it wouldn't open on my machine... so... I checked system requirements, and my poor old lappy meets those. Well, not. Anyway, maybe it's for the best, tho I did quite like the look of it in the demo on uTube. You can download here.

...and there's a uTube vid too....here.... a tutorial.

So, as long as you don't have a non Intel Mac....(lol)..... go try it.

Now, it also seems that there is news on the art front... LL has decided to support the arts. Now, if it wasn't 6/7 years behind in this announcement I would be somewhat more ecstatic than I am, but I am very glad that the penny has finally dropped.

I have, in previous posts, stated my opinion that Blue Mars and all the competition under the virtual sun will never be able to offer what SL offers .. because of the huge weight of creative talent that has gone into building this environment by builders, designers and artists over the years.

You would think that would be obvious, but, just recently, I, and many others of course, was offered the possibility of attending a conference IN WORLD for 150US$ so I could listen to builders talk about their work. Now, excuse me but isn't that something you would offer FREE if you wanted to promote good building and design. (I know Burninadversity does that now....mainly due to White's great efforts...) I mean, I like Sefert and those peeps, but....150 US...lol... no biscuits even....

....anyway...I am. of course, fully supportive of all such ventures and think that, really, UWA has shamed them up badly. They do their bit for the arts monthly and don't have Millions of Dollars coming in monthly as a direct result of other peoples work.

I personally think that it is a scandal that artists have to pay for the prims that attract other people (and both membership and tier dollars) into SL with almost no recognition from LL and certainly no financial reward. UWA has shown how little it takes to say "thank you" to those who have put their best efforts on show. The Millions of Dollars that LL earn monthly would surely support a couple of sims (they don't pay tier) for more than a couple of weeks during Burning Life..... well...you say...too late to make that comment cos that seems to be what LL now, finally, have in mind.

Big deal, say I.

If someone spends 250US$ per month on maintaining a sim, and, after thousands of dollars of investment in various forms, their sim then makes the Hot Spots in LL search and PR attempts, would it not be very reasonable for LL to offer a 20% tier reduction for those months their sim is used to help sell SL?

That would be sponsoring the arts, not a feeble gesture.



  1. Not to be a dick or anything (ok, well a little), but artists who bend over financially for LL have no one to thank but themselves for the lack of respect and remuneration shown to them. Current tier fees are little more than a scam, a scam that sadly far too many residents are more than willing to fork out their hard earned money for.

    Instead of begging for a handout, perhaps try something more effective; banding together and demanding competitive rates.

    Email is free or ad supported, so is a lot of web hosting, why should the metaverse be any different? Just because LL has us by the short-hairs? I think not. It's up to the community to put pressure on them to bring them to task. Fawning on them is never going to give them an incentive to do anything other than continue abusing the community.

  2. http://savemeoh.wordpress.com/2010/02/28/fuck-a-linden/