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How to be a Wizard

Many thanks to White for this transcript..... Wizzy did say to me that there are a few bits missing, I don't know, I just publish and be damned.....I'm sure if you have an serious, or silly, questions, then you can talk to the Wizard....

So....for those of you/us who missed the talk..

--- Wizard Gynoid: Precision Art Sculpture -----------------
Class transcript

The class took place February 22nd, 2010 at 6pm on the platform above the Burning Life Afterburn Art Project plot.
Wizard Gynoid prepared a display of various math sculptures to illustrate her lecture material. You can see some pictures of what was shown here
Also Wizard brought very useful free building tools which she was using to create her sculptures - various rezzers and scripts.
Those will be available till March 1st here
Go grab them while you can!


[18:02] White Lebed: Hello, Everybody! Welcome to another session of Burniversity. Many of you have admired Wizard Gynoid's perfect math sculptures but never knew how she could make them. Today we will have a chance to learn a few secrets and find out more about one of the most interesting art styles - math art. Please, wellcome - Wizard Gynoid!
[18:02] Benski Korhonen: Clapping!
[18:02] Wizard Gynoid: yay
[18:02] Corcosman Voom applauds
[18:02] Tomkin Euler: Yay!
[18:02] Miso Susanowa: can we use calculators?
[18:02] Nickola Martynov: claps
[18:02] White Lebed: from this point point the chat log will be recorded for publishing
[18:02] Scottius Polke: Applause!!!
[18:02] Scottius Polke: Applause!!
[18:03] Wizard Gynoid: I have quite a few of my own objects scattered around here, some with VERY high prim counts.
[18:03] Wizard Gynoid: If you are having a hard time with lag and it's taking a while to rez everything, you have the option of setting your draw distance down to the minimum and your computer won't have to work so hard to render them.
[18:04] Wizard Gynoid: I'm about to get chatty about my own passion in Second Life, that is to say building precise artistic sculptures from geometric objects.
[18:04] Wizard Gynoid: Have you ever seen Scope Cleaver's architectural builds?
[18:04] Tomkin Euler: Nay..
[18:04] Corcosman Voom: Yes
[18:04] Wizard Gynoid: Scope's impressive non-linear architecture has been featured at Burning Life and on the Princeton sims and elsewhere.
[18:05] Wizard Gynoid: Have you had the pleasure of seeing Seifert Surface's mathematical objects?
[18:05] Corcosman Voom: Yes
[18:05] Tomkin Euler: yep..
[18:05] Wizard Gynoid: If not, check them out on his sim “xyz”.
[18:05] Wizard Gynoid: Have you seen the big perfect geodesic domes at Burning Life?
[18:05] Wizard Gynoid: Have you wondered how these things were built?
[18:06] Wizard Gynoid: Perhaps you have tried to build simple geometrical objects, using nothing more than the Second Life viewer UI (User Interface) and more specifically, the Object Editer.
[18:06] Wizard Gynoid: Have you tried to make things like this?
[18:06] 3d2 Pintens: o yes
[18:06] Corcosman Voom: Yes
[18:06] Tomkin Euler: yes..
[18:06] Nickola Martynov nods
[18:07] Tomkin Euler: well, no, actually..
[18:07] Nickola Martynov: the operative word is 'tried'
[18:07] Wizard Gynoid: Or these:
[18:08] Wizard Gynoid: If you have tried to make objects like this by hand, like I have, then you know how difficult it is.
[18:08] Wizard Gynoid: First of all, you have to have incredible patience.
[18:08] Wizard Gynoid: You have to have a basic knowledge of plane geometry.
[18:09] Wizard Gynoid: You have to be able to calculate angles, and determine the placement of x number of faces.
[18:09] Wizard Gynoid: You have to create the faces and place them in the proper location, with the proper “rotation.”
[18:10] Wizard Gynoid: A Dodecahedron
[18:10] Wizard Gynoid: This is not a trivial task, to say the least.
[18:10] Wizard Gynoid: How do you make that pentagon face? And how do you place 12 of them in perfect alignment and rotation?
[18:11] Wizard Gynoid: Once you've spent countless hours struggling to build these objects by hand, then you would no doubt gladly accept the help that scripted rezzers can give you.
[18:11] Corcosman Voom: Indeed
[18:11] Wizard Gynoid: I'm going to chat about some of those tools and how they can be used by artists to create sculpture.
[18:12] Wizard Gynoid: This is Nand Nerd's Radial Noob Rezzer.
[18:12] Wizard Gynoid: Nand Nerd is one of Second Life's best geometric scripters.
[18:12] Wizard Gynoid: #rez
[18:12] Tomkin Euler: woo hoo..
[18:12] 3d2 Pintens: ooooo
[18:12] Wizard Gynoid: I'm just demonstrating a simple geometric rezzer here.
[18:12] Nickola Martynov: wow
[18:13] Wizard Gynoid: delete
[18:13] Wizard Gynoid: Nand once rezzed a 256 meter, sim-sized 6,000 prim sphere. I've seen pictures.
[18:14] Oberon Onmura: Does Nand make that available to artists?
[18:14] Wizard Gynoid: you can ask him oberon.
[18:14] Oberon Onmura: nice
[18:14] Wizard Gynoid: Cadroe Murphy is one of SL's oldest geometric scripters. He has a couple of helpful rezzers that have been around for a while.
[18:14] RingMaker1.03: Sides: 8.000000
[18:14] RingMaker1.03: Radius: 4.000000
[18:14] RingMaker1.03: Height: 1.000000
[18:14] RingMaker1.03: Hollow: 0.000000
[18:14] RingMaker1.03: Z Offset: 0.000000
[18:14] RingMaker1.03: Mode: Ring
[18:14] RingMaker1.03: Color: <0.00000, 0.00000, 0.00000>
[18:15] Wizard Gynoid: This is Ring Maker.
[18:15] Wizard Gynoid: Ring Maker will rez objects in a perfect ring, hence the name.
[18:16] Tomkin Euler: huh..
[18:16] Wizard Gynoid: Ring Maker is a freebie tool and is over there with my buddy Philip Linden.
[18:17] White Lebed: many of those rezzers are available on xstreet for minimal fee or free - they are very easy to find, you just need to know what to look for
[18:17] Oberon Onmura: I've played with it a bit
[18:17] Wizard Gynoid: i have a bunch of these rezzers available for free next to Philip Linden over there
[18:17] Wizard Gynoid: The Cadroe Lathe is above my head.
[18:18] Wizard Gynoid: Watch this basic object being rezzed.
[18:19] Tomkin Euler: Goo...
[18:19] Wizard Gynoid: lag doesn't seem to be too bad
[18:19] Wizard Gynoid: knock on prim
[18:19] Corcosman Voom: famous last words
[18:19] Corcosman Voom: : )
[18:20] Romper Lohner: ty for the tools Wizard
[18:20] Wizard Gynoid: The Cadroe Lathe is only $500L, and can be found here:
[18:20] Wizard Gynoid: btw, i don't have a deal with cadroe. hehe
[18:21] Wizard Gynoid: The Cadroe Lathe is only $500L, and can be found here:
[18:21] Wizard Gynoid: Cadroe made a more sophisticated rezzer, called the Shape Maker. That is above my head, and above the Lathe.
[18:21] Oberon Onmura: wizard - do you drop the object to be rezzed into the lathe?
[18:22] Wizard Gynoid: no, you define what you want to rez with the settings
[18:22] Wizard Gynoid: Watch as I rez a torus with it.
[18:22] Oberon Onmura: I mean, the pieces out of which the object is made ...
[18:22] Wizard Gynoid: i love this part
[18:23] Wizard Gynoid: Any Comments or Questions while that is rezzing?
[18:23] Romper Lohner: !how many prims when done/
[18:23] Oberon Onmura: I'd want to use prescripted units
[18:23] Tomkin Euler: it's like vacuum deposition.. spitting chemicals onto silicon wafers..
[18:24] Wizard Gynoid: the number of prims depends on the settings you define
[18:24] Wizard Gynoid: a sim-sized sphere can be 6000 prims
[18:24] Wizard Gynoid: i think i might have the record with my 6,672 E8. ;-)
[18:25] Takni Miklos: whats an ee ate?
[18:25] Wizard Gynoid: you try sculpties. that saves prims. but this lecture isn't about sculpties
[18:25] Areal Loonie: will any just move pre-existing prims? or do they all rez new prims?
[18:26] Wizard Gynoid: they rez new prims
[18:26] Corcosman Voom: You've done some things on Reaction Grid....I presume all your scripts worked there?
[18:26] Wizard Gynoid: i've tried doing sculpties, but so far they don't turn me on.
[18:26] Wizard Gynoid: most scripts work on Raction Grid, open sim, with a few minor fixes
[18:26] Tomkin Euler: for an instant, it's a 'shroom..
[18:27] Romper Lohner: it would make a good mold for sculpty creation "note' to self
[18:27] Wizard Gynoid: The Shape Maker is a freebie and I've put it over by Philip Linden there for you to pounce on.
[18:28] Wizard Gynoid: that worked pretty well.
[18:28] Wizard Gynoid: Seifert Surface has made a few sophisticated rezzers.
[18:28] Wizard Gynoid: two of them are here
[18:28] Oberon Onmura: is there a set menu of shapes? or is it open-ended?
[18:29] Wizard Gynoid: seifert's torus and tapering torus rezzers
[18:29] Wizard Gynoid: ha i didn't know seifert was here.
[18:29] Wizard Gynoid: yaya
[18:30] Wizard Gynoid: ok, so let's demonstrate seiferts torus rezzers
[18:30] White Lebed: those tools are pretty useful for architectural builds - and as you know the 2010 Burning Life theme is Metropolis :)
[18:30] Wizard Gynoid: it's a bit laggy but they seem to be working
[18:32] Wizard Gynoid: now, i like these because you can scale them. you can take pieces and use them in sculpture
[18:32] Wizard Gynoid: scope uses these i think in his architectural builds
[18:33] Wizard Gynoid: the tapering is finishing up
[18:33] Wizard Gynoid: Pieces of these shapes can be used in bigger sculptures.
[18:34] Wizard Gynoid: seifert has very graciously made these available to this class.
[18:34] Corcosman Voom: Three cheers for Seifert : )
[18:34] Oberon Onmura: :-)
[18:34] Sabrinaa Nightfire: thank you, Seifert
[18:34] Wizard Gynoid: This is Seifert's Parametric Surface Rezzer
[18:35] Corcosman Voom: Hehe
[18:36] Oberon Onmura: Seifert - are these Mono scripted?
[18:36] Oberon Onmura: just thinking about the Mono rezzing bug
[18:37] Wizard Gynoid: i love this parametric
[18:37] Oberon Onmura: hehe
[18:38] Wizard Gynoid: All of these rezzers have scripts and settings that can be tweaked to create great non-linear shapes, that can be made into sculptures.
[18:38] Wizard Gynoid: You can go directly into the scripts and change settings, or you can read the README files in the Contents for instructions.
[18:38] Wizard Gynoid: These shape rezzers are the virtual painter's brush, the virtual sculptor's chisel...
[18:38] Takni Miklos: and where do we find those rezzers and scripts?
[18:39] Wizard Gynoid: Now, there are other kinds of tools, other kinds of rezzers.
[18:39] Wizard Gynoid: Perhaps you've seen the rezzers that will rez the major stars in the immediate vicinity around the Earth, or the rezzers that will rez a molecule.
[18:39] Tomkin Euler: I've seen lots of graphs.. stock values..
[18:39] Wizard Gynoid: These rezzers are creating spheres at defined points in a grid around the rezzer.
[18:40] Wizard Gynoid: I would demonstrate but that would be messy here.
[18:40] Wizard Gynoid: And for good demonstration purposes we need to have a convenient “kill/die” command to aid in easy cleanup.
[18:40] Wizard Gynoid: Some of these rezzers have one, but most don't, so you have to delete by hand. And that would be difficult here.
[18:41] Explorer Dastardly: all the old hippies can make a geodesic dome, lol..
[18:41] Wizard Gynoid: Around us I have placed some examples of what I think are some of my best creations.
[18:41] Wizard Gynoid: Most of these were built with a rezzer that first identifies the points where those spheres go.
[18:41] Wizard Gynoid: These are called the “vertices.”
[18:41] Wizard Gynoid: The rezzer reads the positions (the coordinates) of the vertices from a notecard, and then places a sphere on that point.
[18:42] Wizard Gynoid: Various mathematical formulas can be used to determine these vertice points.
[18:42] Wizard Gynoid: The software program Mathematica has been helpful to calculate the vertices of some of these objects.
[18:42] Oberon Onmura: how do the coords get onto the notecard?
[18:42] Wizard Gynoid: cut and paste oberon
[18:42] Oberon Onmura: hmm
[18:42] Wizard Gynoid: The next step is to “connect the dots.”
[18:42] Wizard Gynoid: How do we do that?
[18:43] Wizard Gynoid: We do that with a script that sends “intelligent” struts out to connect a pair of vertices.
[18:43] Wizard Gynoid: The strut is “intelligent” because it contains a script inside it.
[18:43] Wizard Gynoid: A notecard identifies the vertex pairs, and a script inside the rezzed strut shapes, orients, rotates and sizes the strut to fit between the two vertice points.
[18:43] Oberon Onmura: cool
[18:43] Wizard Gynoid: Some of these rezzers are based on work by Lionel Forager and Catherine Omega Heavy Industries.
[18:44] Wizard Gynoid: An example of this can be found here:
[18:44] Tomkin Euler: handy.. I have always wanted a board stretcher in firstLife..
[18:44] Wizard Gynoid: My own work has been largely dependent on the scripting genius of Desdemona Enfield.
[18:44] Wizard Gynoid: With a rezzer of this kind, we can draw “lines” between points.
[18:45] Wizard Gynoid: Desdemona has been generous enough to make one of these rezzers available to the public domain.
[18:45] Wizard Gynoid: And I will demonstrate it here and now.
[18:45] projection - v1a: By your command: version=28Aug08, free=7301
[18:46] projection - v1a: rezzing 27 points
[18:46] projection - v1a: rezzing 216 lines
[18:46] Wizard Gynoid: This particular objects starts with 27 point/vertices.
[18:46] Nickola Martynov: oooo
[18:46] Wizard Gynoid: The script then connects the 27 points with 216 line segments, for a total prim count of 243.
[18:46] Wizard Gynoid: Note that the finished object is not a linked set.
[18:47] Merlin Gray: and to thing we used to have to use toothpicks and a ton of glue
[18:47] Wizard Gynoid: This is similar to the technique I used to rez my 6,672 prim E8 Polytope – vertices connected by edge lines, an earlier example of which is displayed close by to the West, just across the sim line.
[18:47] Wizard Gynoid: Next to that E8 is a 2,889 prim Klein Bottle. The same basic principles were used – vertices connected by edge lines.
[18:47] projection - v1a: lengths in mm: [1236, 1070, 1902, 2000]
[18:47] projection - v1a: counts of lengths: [60, 60, 36, 60]
[18:47] projection - v1a: By your command: version=28Aug08, free=7301
[18:48] White Lebed: I guess we need another class - how to find 6000+ prims in SL to play with
[18:48] Wizard Gynoid: The script to rez the Klein Bottle is open source and available here:
[18:48] Wizard Gynoid: Desdemona's rezzer is also available free of charge over there by my friend, Philip Linden.
[18:48] Oberon Onmura: the link limit is what? 256 prims?
[18:48] Corcosman Voom: How To Cozy Up To Sim Owners, White
[18:48] Wizard Gynoid: true oberon. altho not true in open simulator.
[18:48] Oberon Onmura: aha
[18:48] Sabrinaa Nightfire: lol
[18:49] Wizard Gynoid: i have linked this 2889 prim object into one object on Reaction Grid.
[18:49] Oberon Onmura: cool
[18:49] Wizard Gynoid: Questions before I move on?
[18:49] Wizard Gynoid: ha, sure way to crash a sim free
[18:50] Wizard Gynoid: For artistic purposes, sometimes we like to create textures on the surfaces of the faces of these geometric objects.
[18:50] Wizard Gynoid: These textures can be animated, so the entire sculpture comes alive.
[18:50] Wizard Gynoid: An example of a great SL artist who uses this technique is my friend Glyph Graves.
[18:51] Wizard Gynoid: Glyph likes to create geometric objects and then applies animated textures to the surfaces, with lots of alpha (transparency).
[18:51] Wizard Gynoid: Let's take this one step further.
[18:51] Wizard Gynoid: We already have a rezzer that creates wireframe sculptures.
[18:51] Wizard Gynoid: What if I want to apply FACES to the wireframe?
[18:52] poly projector - v4g: [0]: By your command: version=3Dec09
[18:53] Wizard Gynoid: Check this out:
[18:53] poly projector - v4g: [1]: executing: rhombicuboctahedron: vertices
[18:53] Wizard Gynoid: Note that this rezzer is rezzing the vertices, then connecting the dots with lines.
[18:53] poly projector - v4g: [2]: executing: rhombicuboctahedron: edges
[18:53] Wizard Gynoid: However, it goes one step further and places FACES between the vertices.
[18:53] Wizard Gynoid: In effect, we have made the wire frame sculpture into a solid object.
[18:54] Wizard Gynoid: or a skinned object
[18:54] Wizard Gynoid: rather
[18:54] Wizard Gynoid: Note that we are creating both triangle and square FACES.
[18:54] poly projector - v4g: [3]: executing: rhombicuboctahedron: triangle faces
[18:54] Wizard Gynoid: Faces like this can be difficult to animate textures on, but it can be done.
[18:54] poly projector - v4g: [4]: executing: rhombicuboctahedron: quadrilateral faces
[18:55] poly projector - v4g: [5]: done
[18:55] Wizard Gynoid: yay that worked
[18:55] Nickola Martynov: bravo
[18:55] Wizard Gynoid: that's desdemona's masterpiece script
[18:55] Corcosman Voom: Interesting that it does the quadrilateral faces with triangles also
[18:56] Wizard Gynoid: Are there any Questions? I have two.
[18:56] Wizard Gynoid: Are these geometric constructions of mine Art?
[18:56] Oberon Onmura: so ... you'll texture each face individually?
[18:56] Wizard Gynoid: What do you think?
[18:57] Wizard Gynoid: God is a geometer
[18:57] Nickola Martynov: could be argued that this is just engineering
[18:57] Corcosman Voom: : )
[18:58] Merlin Gray: ....and then it could be argued that engineering is an art form by the broadest definition
[18:58] Romper Lohner: DNA is geometrical as well, beauty to the eye of those that can see it
[18:58] Nickola Martynov: ART!!!!
[18:59] Merlin Gray:
[18:59] Wizard Gynoid: thank you very much for your kind attention.
[18:59] Wizard Gynoid: SOCK!!!!!!!
[18:59] Merlin Gray: ***** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE***********
[18:59] Corcosman Voom: Thank you, Wizrd. Great presentation
[18:59] White Lebed: thank you Wizzy!
[18:59] Oberon Onmura: yay wizard!
[18:59] Nickola Martynov: thank you Wizard
[18:59] Wizard Gynoid: SOCK!!!!!!!
[19:00] Merlin Gray: I was in a conversation about making Polys when your notecard came out last week..thanks for this
[19:00] Wizard Gynoid: your very welcome. i had fun.
[19:00] Nickola Martynov: Was the surface rezzer one of the freebies?
[19:00] Tomkin Euler: Whee!
[19:00] White Lebed: one more tool in your art box :) go make something amazing!
[19:00] 3d2 Pintens: where's phillip?
[19:01] Wizard Gynoid: philip is free too, but you have to go find him.
[19:01] Romper Lohner: ty wizard
[19:01] Feathers Boa: philip linden is my love child
[19:01] Sabrinaa Nightfire: thanks, Wizzy
[19:01] Miso Susanowa: "Art is not eternal, boys" - Ken Kesey
[19:01] White Lebed: after this difficult class do we deserve a recess?
[19:01] SciFiSancy Chaplynski: Thank you Wizard:)
[19:02] Lampoon Destiny: are you accepting 'tippage'?
[19:02] FreeWee Ling: I'll volunteer to be the final arbiter of what is art. Just show it to me and I'll tell you ;)
[19:02] White Lebed: during March - no classes! we will have the Porta Potty grand show
[19:02] Miso Susanowa: do we get extra credit for this one White?
[19:02] White Lebed: yes, Miso
[19:02] White Lebed: if you make a Klein bottle
[19:02] Wizard Gynoid: i'm amazed i didn't crash
[19:02] White Lebed: and fill it with something tasty
[19:03] White Lebed: no, we went well
[19:03] Feathers Boa: okies everyone
[19:03] Miso Susanowa: yes lets have a round of applause for the sim not crashing!
[19:03] Feathers Boa: have fun and stuff
[19:03] Miso Susanowa: YAY!
[19:03] Miso Susanowa: *claps!!!!*
[19:03] Corcosman Voom: I keep hoping somethng from all tese braIny folks will sink in by osmosis
[19:03] White Lebed: thank you again, guys for wearing light stuff
[19:03] Nickola Martynov: ・*゜*APPLAUSE*゜*・
[19:03] Feathers Boa: i am outta here!
[19:03] Mab MacMoragh: ♪♫♥ Applauds!!! ♥♫♪
[19:03] Tomkin Euler: fun on a bun...
[19:03] Feathers Boa blows kisses around the room
[19:03] Wizard Gynoid: bye feathers
[19:03] Nickola Martynov: Was the parametric surface rezzer included in the scripts?
[19:04] Wizard Gynoid: i think it was yes nickola
[19:04] White Lebed: someone had questions for Seifert?
[19:04] Nickola Martynov: I don't see it over there :-(
[19:04] Miso Susanowa: ack Waya got off my feet :(
[19:05] Miso Susanowa: *puts socks back on*
[19:05] Tomkin Euler: it was there when I walked over...
[19:05] Scottius Polke: SOCK!!!!!!!
[19:05] Miso Susanowa: SOCK!!!!!!!
[19:05] Waya Sion: lol
[19:05] Scarp Godenot: I think it must be some secret language they have going.....
[19:05] White Lebed: waya behave
[19:05] Scottius Polke: SOCK!!!!!!!
[19:05] DeadheadDMT Infinity: I was multitasking all the way through... I will have to read the chat history later to see what programs you used
[19:06] Scarp Godenot dodges the sock
[19:06] Kazuhiro Aridian: sock?
[19:06] Miso Susanowa: i saw it, but it disappeared, maybe it was "bought" as a original
[19:06] White Lebed: I think the kids ARE ready for a recess
[19:06] Kazuhiro Aridian: lawl
[19:06] White Lebed: looks like overheat from all this info
[19:06] Tomkin Euler: Hi, Seifert.. what were the functions?
[19:06] Miso Susanowa: Scarp: if you can dodge a sock, you can dodge a ball.
[19:06] Scarp Godenot: heh
[19:06] Tomkin Euler: sin(x=y) maybe?
[19:06] Seifert Surface: oh
[19:07] Miso Susanowa: let x =... x
[19:07] Tomkin Euler: (x+y), rather..
[19:07] Seifert Surface: i think its sin(x+y)
[19:07] White Lebed: Wizzy, can you leave the rezzers here till the end of Feb?
[19:07] Wizard Gynoid: i hope someone took pictures
[19:07] Waya Sion: if there's a recess, whats the next class?
[19:07] Waya Sion: lol
[19:07] Kazuhiro Aridian: do we get cookies?
[19:07] Miso Susanowa: the class of all classes that is not part of the given class, of course
[19:07] quadrapop Lane: I diod wiz - still am :)
[19:07] Tomkin Euler: Rocking..
[19:07] White Lebed: I will publish the transcript and some people might want to come and get those
[19:07] Wizard Gynoid: ✿⁂✿¨*:•.•:*''* KIMBA *''*:•.•:*¨✿⁂✿

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