Monday, 19 October 2009

The Willow and the University of Delaware

The 82nd Ancient One .... the Willow Bean

Well, this is my latest tree, almost, I have finished one other since this, but some trees are a bit like milestones, like a good painting you've done. This one is a rather nice one and probably the most technically competent even if it's not the most outrageous design.

It's currently on show at the University of Delaware in preparation of a talk and show they are doing about Outsider Art....... (details to follow here later) Wikipedia has this to say about it:

"The term outsider art was coined by art critic Roger Cardinal in 1972 as an English synonym for art brut (French: [aʁ bʁyt], "raw art" or "rough art"), a label created by French artist Jean Dubuffet to describe art created outside the boundaries of official culture; Dubuffet focused particularly on art by insane-asylum inmates. [hehehehehehe]

While Dubuffet's term is quite specific, the English term "outsider art" is often applied more broadly, to include certain self-taught or Naïve art makers who were never institutionalized. Typically, those labeled as outsider artists have little or no contact with the mainstream art world or art institutions. In many cases, their work is discovered only after their deaths. Often, outsider art illustrates extreme mental states, unconventional ideas, or elaborate fantasy worlds."

I guess the old adage..."you don't have to be crazy...." etc applies well...:))) Scotsgraymouser said...."well, they don't get more Outside than us..."

Detail of aligning of prims and tex...... a fiddley process... drives you mad...... makes you an Outsider I guess...hehehhehehe


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