Thursday, 22 October 2009

Stuff and the University of Delaware

Well, I'm totally Burning Life'd I have a few more things to check out, I'm not gonna be doing much more than kicking back and chilling the next few days, I hope.

ColeMarie has done a great video of my stuff at Magoo and thats on view at Koinup.

I did find the article that LL has been advertising in the NY Times quite amusing, but then I am easily amused (as has been claimed before, and easily bored too)....

So....this Friday will no doubt find me at the University of Delaware, where I have done a Sea Stack with my new tree on top.

...official blurb..."The University of Delaware invites you to join us Friday Oct. 23 2009, 11:30 SLT, for Outsider Art.
This event features a live in-world talk on Outsider Art, Lance Winn, Lance Winn, Associate Professor, Department of Art, University of Delaware.
For an overview of his real life art please visit: [I did and got bored]

"Outside of What?" will explore issues around both the historic status of "Outsider Art" and how artists working in Second Life conform or deviate from past ideas of what it meant to be outside of the mainstream art world. The talk will attempt to figure out how these definitions were developed in the first place, what the so-called insider "art world" is in our current time, and how we might think of things like self-taught at time when all artists working in the digital realm are essentially learning on their own as new software is continually developing. The discussion will attempt to define and develop the notion of aura as it relates to original experience and to question what this might mean in virtual worlds and will attempt to develop a set of questions concerning the internal versus external world as it relates to both vision and the "visionary."

In addition to the talk there will be an art exhibit spanning both islands from Oct. 23 - Nov.17, 2009.
The exhibit will feature the works of notable Second Life creators including:
AM Radio • Bryn Oh • Cheen Pitney • Cutea Benelli • DC Spensley • Filthy Fluno • Glyph Graves • Kilara Balnarring • Raskolnikow Roffo • Sabrinaa Nightfire • soror Nishi • Ub Yifu • with more to be announced soon!"

well, I know for a fact that Scotsgraymouser is showing too... so we'll see who else....

now......whether or not I can hold out long enough to hear the whole thing will depend on if its all in dodgy voice ...and how comfortable the seats are.
I also have a bit of an allergy to intellectual analysis of art, seems to me things like reading about food, talking about films and intellectualising about art are related in that they are all sofa-time-wasting. However, I am the first to admit when I am wrong, and would love it to be a great evening..... don't hold your breath, tho...

oh yes....the Slurl.... glad I didn't forget that...


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